Jason Low 刘青纬
Phone 联系电话 +61 3 9829 2923
Mobile 手机 +61 499 847 888
Email 电子邮件 jason@melbournerealestate.com.au
WeChat 微信 jasonmre
Background 背景 - Singapore 新加坡
Languages spoken 语言 - Mandarin, Teochew, Hokkien & English 中英文,潮州话,闽南语


Jason has a Bachelor in Information Technology behind him; Jason joined MRE in 2013, bringing discipline, diligence and excellent time management skills into the mix.

Fluent in Teochew and Hokkien Chinese dialects and with a sound knowledge of Asian property markets and regulations, he is highly regarded for his work with Chinese developers.
Wendy Truong 林嘉鸣
Phone 联系电话 +61 3 9829 2941
Mobile 手机 +61 477 010 041
Email 电子邮件 wendy@melbournerealestate.com.au
Background 背景 - China 中国
Languages spoken 语言 - Cantonese & English 粤语,英语


Wendy appreciates the importance of both managing and exceeding people’s expectations, making her a natural fit at MRE.

Wendy brings strong organisational skills and endless reserves of patience to her role, deriving enormous satisfaction in assisting every client. Ever mindful of efficient work practices, Wendy, reflects the culture of MRE, by constantly looking to innovate, always striving to create the next benchmark for success.
Richard Sun 孙与丰
Phone 联系电话 +61 3 9829 2924
Mobile 手机 +61 488 444 805
Email 电子邮件 richard@melbournerealestate.com.au
WeChat 微信 RickyMRE
Background 背景 - Nei Mongol/Shanghai, China 中国上海/内蒙古
Languages spoken 语言 - Mandarin & English 中英文


Richard completed an Accounting degree after moving to Australia from China and worked briefly in Trust Accounting.

Recognising his forte was less about numbers and more about people he went into Real Estate and hasn’t looked back. With four solid years of property management under his belt he brings an enthusiasm for customer service that is at the very core of MRE’s values.
Jake Hu 胡连强
Phone 联系电话 +61 3 9829 2907
Mobile 手机 +61 499 000 225
Email 电子邮件 jake@melbournerealestate.com.au
WeChat 微信 jakemre
Background 背景 - China, Hubei 中国湖北
Languages spoken 语言 - Mandarin and English 中英文


Jake completed training as an interpreter and translator, achieved both a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master’s degree in Social Science and worked at a Software company.

Jakes interest in real estate extends beyond his work days as he spends time monitoring international property trends and their impact on the domestic market.
Jessica Felicia 林佩瑾
Phone 联系电话 +61 3 9829 2921
Mobile 手机 +61 477 555 502
Email 电子邮件 jfelicia@melbournerealestate.com.au
WeChat 微信 MREjessica
Background 背景 - Medan, Indonesia 印度尼西亚
Languages spoken 语言 - Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin, Hokkian, Hakka, Korean & English 中英文, 印尼语, 闽南语, 潮州话, 韩语


Jessica Felicia loves people. This perpetually upbeat young woman with a degree in Psychology enjoys the diversity of MRE’s client base, and derives great satisfaction from exceeding people’s expectations.

Jessica delights in being part of the MRE winning team and appreciates the company’s investment in both its staff and customers. With experience in both the retail sector and Human Resources, along with an inherent aptitude to master multiple languages, Jessica is well placed to service the needs of clients from widely diverse backgrounds.