About Us

Founded in 1992, Melbourne Real Estate is the expression of Peter Hooymans’ dream to create a boutique real estate agency with an attentive and courageous culture.

Established as a project marketing agency, MRE has evolved into a full-service project marketing and property management consultancy and proudly remains the kind of business that cares enough about its clients to sidestep the mainstream.


Our vision is to set the benchmark for property management and project marketing in Melbourne; we will exceed our clients’ expectations and outperform our competitors.

We will deliver world-class systems, practices and strategies, and be relentless in our pursuit of freshness and difference.

We will provide industry-leading value by surrounding ourselves with people who have the courage to disagree with established models and who want to implement ground-breaking ideas.

Our offices will be an environment where complacency doesn’t exist, pulsing with discovery, achievement and innovation.

We are the new guard of the vanguard.


At the core of Melbourne Real Estate’s business lies a strong value system.
It’s what the company was built on and it underpins every decision we make.

Here’s what we believe:

Results – We are a team of A-players with a focus on delivering incredible results.

Accountability – With each other and to our clients. We act with honesty at all times.

Innovation – We stay fresh by constantly learning and innovating, always striving to do things to world-class standards.

Service – Outrageously good customer service is at the heart of our business.

Enthusiasm – We bring passion and a great sense of humour to our work and celebrate our achievements as a winning team should.


RAISE –  An acronym that works on many levels as we not only RAISE standards, but RAISE each other up to achieve the very best outcomes.