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  • Whitney D – 6, October, 2014 via gplus The Melbourne Real Estate team truly are a standout, never fail to go above and beyond the standard level of service in the industry.
  • Sophie Florance – 6, October, 2014 via gplus They always follow through, and follow up. I'm thankful we found them when we did and would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to rent in Melbourne.
  • Natallie Bitsounis – 11, June, 2014 via gplus "They [MRE] have been a breath of fresh air to deal with."
  • Claire Crowley – 8, April, 2014 via gplus "...I was very impressed with the high level of service I received. Leigh and the team were very professional and responsive on any service and general queries I had during my tenancy..."
  • Matthew Minucci – 11, June, 2014 via gplus "Would definitely encourage people to deal with them."
  • Rina Pranoto – 11, June, 2014 via gplus "I think a company's service quality is defined by the people representing them, and we're happy to give MRE 5 stars because of Leigh Edwards"
  • Terry Wu – 30, May, 2014 via gplus The staff there are easy to deal with and are very responsive to my inquiries. I am very happy with their services.
  • Leonie West – 8, April, 2014 via gplus I couldn't be happier with the service I have received.
  • Dwight Ybanez – 8, April, 2014 via gplus "They [MRE] are professional with extremely good customer services, they kept promises in a timely manner. They have been above and beyond our expectations."
  • Bianca Caia – 3, June, 2014 via gplus "I would highly recommend them [MRE] to anyone that wants to purchase premium real estate and deal with the best real estate agents in the industry!"
  • Michael R Pintabona – 3, June, 2014 via gplus "I have been a long time tenant managed by Melbourne Real Estate and have found their responsiveness and customer service second to none."
  • Matthew Minucci – 3, June, 2014 via gplus "Extremely positive experience...[I] Would definitely encourage people to deal with them."
  • Annemieke Craig – 3, June, 2014 via gplus "There is one thing I have little of and that is 'time'. Leigh (and initially Stephen) have made the process of renting our property easy."
  • Louis Carstens – 3, June, 2014 via gplus "Melbourne Real Estate was recommended to us for our first investment property and we must honestly say it was the best decision we could have made."
  • Richard Burrows – 8, April, 2014 via gplus "The electronic systems they use keep you informed without having to hassle them....Compared to the other agents I've used in England and Australia I'm impressed.."
Samantha Brownlee Headshot
Samantha Brownlee Team Leader Direct +61 3 9829 2915 Mobile +61 417 164 410 samanthab@melbournerealestate.com.au

An Experienced Role Model Driven To Succeed.

Carrying on a real estate tradition.


It would not be overstating it to say that real estate is in Samantha Brownlee’s blood. With both parents in the industry, Samantha spent much of her youth at weekend auctions and open inspections becoming well and truly captured by the buzz of real estate as a consequence.

Bringing a wealth of acquired knowledge and experience to the MRE Property Management department, Samantha is an integral and long standing member of the team. She specialises in managing both commercial and residential portfolios, where client care is a top priority and all issues are handled quickly and efficiently. Samantha’s entrenched work ethic and unflagging enthusiasm inspires team consolidation, and her leadership has helped create the exemplary level of service for which MRE are justifiably proud.

The Bayside resident lifestyle is something that Samantha loves to take advantage of, relaxing with year round water activities and lovely long beach walks with her Kelpie. She also enjoys weekend escapes to visit family in regional Victoria and catching up with friends over a glass or two of wine.


Samantha can be contacted on samanthab@melbournerealestate.com.au



My house mate and I have leased an apartment through Melbourne Real Estate for the past year and a half and have always gotten along really well with the team down at Melbourne Real Estate. Sam, who managed our property directly, was not only easy and professional with us, but also understanding and relatable. I'm sure anyone looking to lease their next apartment or have an investment property managed by her would feel the same.

Regards, Troy Huggins

We have our investment property leased through the Melbourne Real Estate. Our property manager, Samantha, is a great professional, very easy to deal with, very prompt and reliable. I would recommend Samantha as a property manager to anyone looking for an excellent and reliable service!

Ludmilla Budnik

Wonderful to work with, everything was handled with total professionalism and details were always outlined very clearly. Samantha has been extremely helpful and always goes the extra mile when needed. 10/10

Jack Tamblyn

Just a quick thank you to Samantha Bolton for renting my place out so quickly and the regular updates. Most importantly was the price quoted was the price that was achieved. Please pass on my appreciation.

Regards, Ginette Cook

Samantha Bolton has been a fantastic property manager since day 1. Both Sam & the agency are always an absolute pleasure to deal with, friendly and efficient. Sam has always been very responsive and gets things done in a timely manner. I highly recommend this team!

Regards, Ronish Narayan

Samantha Bolton is my current Property Manager and I couldn't be happier. She's great to deal with and very reliable. 100% recommended!

Oscar Blanco

Samantha from Melbourne Real Estate has been an amazing property manager. She's always prompt in getting back to us with enquiries. During the transition of an existing housemate to a new housemate, it was seamless as Sam assisted us with everything that needed to be done. Answered all of our questions promptly. Thank you Sam and Melbourne Real Estate.

Regards, Alison Nghiem

I find Samantha Bolton to be very professional in the management of my investment property and is a pleasure knowing the property is well cared for.

Colin Tollemache

The staff at MRE and Samantha Bolton provides first class property management service. She is well organised, reachable and responsive and is a pleasure to chat with.

Regards, Jeffrey Soh

It is with great pleasure that I write this review for Samantha Bolton from Melbourne Real Estate. As a Building Manager for quite some time it is refreshing dealing with Samantha on a regular basis to ensure the smooth running of the building and it's community as our roles often collide. It is rare to find such friendly, reliable, knowledgeable, energetic agents such as Samantha and in MRE's case I've been fortunate to deal with two given Laura Hewson from MRE is cut from the same cloth.
A pair of intelligent and caring professionals that represent the MRE brand really well. Thank you Samantha and Thank you Laura. I look forward to continuing the relationship.

Regards, Anthony White

Samantha Bolton is my real estate agent, she has been nothing short of incredible the past few months and has helped me with any queries or concerns I have. Would highly recommend her, she also has an awesome personality, which really made the stress of moving and settling into a new place an ease.

Regards, Meg Stewart

Samantha Bolton at Melbourne Real Estate has been managing my current rental. She's been great to work - she is responsive, professional, and gets things done quickly. It's been a great experience and I would recommend both her and Melbourne Real Estate to anyone who is in the market. Thank you, Sam!

Regards, Karen Whitley

Samantha has been very consistent with keeping us up to date status for everything relating to our property. She is very courteous, reliable and professional in all our dealings with her. Highly recommended.

Regards, Josephine Lim

As a new Investor in Property, and living in Hobart, I am thrilled to have Samantha Bolton as my Property Manager for my Investment property in St Kilda. Her continual outstanding communication is exceptional, which is very important to myself as I am not in the state. I find her professionalism and friendly attitude to be of a very high standard and would recommend herself and MRE to anyone looking for quality Property Management in Melbourne.

Regards, Elisabeth Self

Samantha Bolton has been great! She is quick to respond to emails and gets things done efficiently and effectively.

Regards, Hayley Walkinshaw

I would highly recommend Melbourne Real Estate and especially Samantha Bolton to anyone looking to rent! Having had a bad experience with another real estate company, MRE and Sam have been nothing but professional and a pleasure to work with.
Nothing is too much to ask of these guys!

Regards, Marina Nikolic

Samantha Bolton is a very helpful, responsive property manager.

Regards, Heather Walker

Samantha has been an absolute pleasure to deal with as a real estate agent, She is always helpful and knowledgeable about any issue we have and always returns our communications promptly.

Regards, Odette Stormrage

Sam Bolton has provided me with great ongoing service in the management of my property. This includes administration and facilitation of inspections. The property is being maintained so all in all I am happy with Sam and Melbourne Real Estate.

Regards, Lance Christie

Samantha Bolton is an excellent property manager. Proactive and reliable. Melbourne Real Estate in general are highly recommended.

Regards, Sam Shields

MRE made the process of relocating to Melbourne 2 and a half years ago completely painless. Since then Samantha (and Laura) have always been attentive and professional. I've never had any issues in my dealings with MRE and I have recommended them to my friends and family on multiple occasions (and will continue to do so).

Regards, Jesse Ngatai

As new clients with MRE, our property manager Samantha Bolton went above and beyond to get us a new tenant for our apartment we would be happy with. Even managed to get us a higher rent for our property. We are very happy campers. Thanks Sam!

Regards, Danielle Crooks

I’m in my second rental property through MRE and my Property Manager, Samantha Bolton and also Mike Drover who I have viewed properties through are complete professionals. If I have a query, I receive a response same day which is really appreciated and communication around the property regarding inspections, annual safety testing etc. is always clear and concise. I always recommend this agency to my friends and colleagues and would highly recommend it to anyone who is on the hunt for a professional and friendly agency.

Regards, Coco DiCocco

Samantha Bolton is the best property manager ever! Cannot recommend her enough. She is all that we want and more.

Regards, Jiyeon Yoo

Samantha Bolton has been an excellent property manager and an absolute delight to deal with. The whole Melbourne Real Estate team should be very proud of the high calibre service they provide to tenants.

Regards, Zoe Keightley

Melbourne Real Estate is efficient, professional, and very informative. It is my first time renting in Australia and I am grateful it's been through this company. Samantha Bolton is a great property manager and responds to my inquiries and requests with such a quickness, I feel like her only client!

Regards, Melody Joy

Samantha Bolton has been our real estate agent in the last 2 years. And we have been very impressed with her!

She is a seasoned agent who always knows what the problem is, and more importantly, how to resolve ASAP! She is thorough in her communications. When we first arrived in our apartment (and in Melbourne, as is the case), we received a welcome pack that included a directory of people to call and helpful guides - even including the right person to call to connect to Foxtel! That is awesome! To say the least, it has made our move a lot easier - and our stay in the apartment a pleasure. :)

Regards, Angela Yu

Sam made the rental process so easy and took care of everything. Very happy with the service!

Regards, Karen Hourigan

Within 48 hrs of viewing the apartment online and contacting Melbourne Real Estate, property manager Samantha Bolton worked diligently to ensure the transition into the apartment was seamless. As I was due to get married that same week there was no time to waste. Throughout the entire time we were tenants at the premise Samantha was easily accessible, friendly and highly professional in her dealings with us. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Samantha and the entire team at Melbourne Real Estate and very much look forward to using their service again in the near future.

Regards, Michela Luppino

MRE has provided impeccable service. From day one, Stephen and Jessica made this unfamiliar process very simple, easy to understand and care free. Their expertise and professionalism gave me absolute confidence. Samantha is wonderful and found great tenants in record time and made sure I was updated throughout the entire process. I could not have asked for a better company to manage my property and I have already recommended MRE to my family and friends.

Regards, Georgie Doyle

Samantha Bolton has been my property manager for 6 months and have found her and Melbourne Real Estate fantastic to deal with over the 12 months I was renting.

Regards, Brett Blackwell

We have very positive experiences with Jake Hu and impressed by his professional attitude and passion for properties.
His honest thoughts about our property and professional advice made it very easy for leasing our townhouse through Melbourne Real Estate.
I appreciate the property manager Samantha Bolton looks after us, she and her team is very responsive, highly professional and offers the best solutions.
This is the best hands on management team I have dealt with in Melbourne.

Regards, Feng Guo

I would like to make a mention of Samantha Bolton for her management of my property. She provides effective and clear communication and ensures she answers all of my queries promptly. Samantha takes the time to develop strong relationships with her customers and always displays an enthusiastic and motivated personality. It has been a wonderful experience with Samantha and Melbourne Real Estate.

Regards, Amy Bishop

Samantha Bolton, Property Manager, epitomises professionalism and has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Efficient, helpful and a great asset to Melbourne Real Estate.

Regards, Sonia Zeiback

Samantha was our property manager for two years, and throughout this time she was nothing short of an absolute professional. She did her job very thoroughly, always replying promptly to emails and fixing any issues that arose. She was also diligent in completing timely inspections, and fostering communication between the owners and tenants. She was always courteous and took the time to build relationships with her clients, whilst demonstrating enthusiasm and a passion for her job. We could not have had an easier or more pleasant experience with Samantha, and I would not hesitate to recommend her as a property manager.

Regards, Emily Rankin

Highly recommend using MRE for property management. Samantha did a fantastic job and was very attentive to all needs. Would use MRE again in the future.

Regards, Matthew Barnes

I rented with Melbourne Real Estate when I initially moved from interstate. I dealt mainly with Samantha who was professional, communicated well and went above and beyond to provide assistance when needed. I now live overseas, however, when I return to Australia I will definitely look to rent again with Melbourne Realestate. Highly recommend.

Regards, David Langford

I'm writing this review to the team at MRE as one of their main contractors. As a reactive Plumbing & Maintenance company we deal with real estate on a daily basis. Its a great part of our company and also takes up roughly 45% of our growth. Ausbuilt can not continue to move forward if we have non proactive current clients. I take for example Samantha Bolton (Senior PM) As a reactive Plumbing company we rely on the most information being provided on the W/O in which she delivers. Not only does it make our job easier it can help her to save money for the LL eliminating a 2nd visit to any particular job. Its a pleasure to deal with such a high end client and also to have such proactive and committed PM's such as Samantha and the hole team at MRE.

Regards, Nigel Cawse

Samantha is fantastic. We have been very happy tenants for over 2 years. Answers all correspondence efficiently and actions immediately. Highly recommend Melbourne Real Eatate.

Regards, Sharleen Uri

I deal with Samantha Bolton. Always patient with me and speedy email replies for any enquires. Great team.

Regards, Pey Wen Lou

We are very happy with the service provided by Melbourne Real Estate. In particular, our agent Samantha is friendly and professional. She made the transition into our new residence stress free and simple. She is prompt in responding to emails and we were kept updated throughout the entire process. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Regards, Caitlyn Platt

The team at Melbourne Real Estate have been a real pleasure to deal with -especially Samantha. She made the whole rental process very easy and stress free. I always receive a quick response to any queries which is brilliant! Highly recommend!

Regards, Karen Hourigan

As a tenant for the last 4 years in a Melbourne Real Estate managed property, the support provided was first class from the time I registered to the handling of the Bond Claim. On one occasion when I returned from interstate and, forgetting I had an inspection that day, in haste I had left clothes laying around and a breakfast mess. They agreed to delay the inspection so I could correct the situation. Inspections were thorough which is of benefit to both tenant and landlord. All communication was timely and they were also responsive to queries. If I choose to become a landlord or rent again, Samantha and her team will be at the top of my list (and, based on a previous sub-optimal rental experiences, probably the only ones on my list).

Regards, Chris Wright

We are very happy with the service that Melbourne Real Estate provides. Our agent Samantha is professional and always friendly. She is very responsive and is quick to reply to emails. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Regards, Kushla Morgan

For an agency that invests so much in great customer service, It is no surprise that they've achieved high ratings. Their support is exceptional. Samantha Bolton is currently appointed property manager for my rental arrangement. Sam's response time and ability to follow up issues is lightning quick, and always delivered with radiant service.

Regards, Tom Putt

Samantha Bolton has been an excellent property manager for us during our tenancy with Melbourne Real Estate. Extremely prompt in responding and a great professional and friendly manner throughout all our dealings. Highly recommend, it is really refreshing dealing with someone of her nature.

Regards, Kiri Revell

friendly and fantastic service. thank you samantha bolton responded very well to fix some repairs. all the best and thank you.

Regards, nagarjunreddy1

Samantha Bolton at Melbourne Real Estate has been providing us excellent services. Thanks

Regards, Tuấn Anh Trần Trọng

The team at Melbourne Real Estate have been a real pleasure to deal with -especially Samantha. She made the whole rental process very easy and stress free. I always receive a quick response to any queries which is brilliant! Highly recommend!

Regards, Karen Hourigan

Always friendly and very helpful. Definitely the best rental agency I have dealt with in Melbourne. My agent in particular Samantha Bolton is always extremely kind and willing to help, she made the process of leasing new property very easy and organized!

Regards, Pooja Krishnaswamy

Samantha has been so helpful in my recent application for a rental property. She kept me updated throughout the application every step of the way. From Application to Approval was less than a day. I have recently had experience from other real estate agents in the area that have been far from helpful and have taken nearly a week from application to approval stage. Keep up the great service Samantha.

Regards, Paige Willis

I am impressed with my contact at Melbourne Real Estate, Samantha Bolton, who answers my queries quickly and professionally. She is a delight to deal with.

Regards, Linda Hess

We are very happy to have our property managed by MRE. Stephen Fitzsimon presented MRE services to us very professionally and provided invaluable strategic advice regarding letting the property. Samantha Bolton manages the property and she is always professional and effective in both addressing our needs and working with the tenants.

Regards, Geoff Shields

I would like to thank Samantha for managing my property in St Kilda for the past 3 years. She took care of everything, l never really had to think about it knowing it was in good hands. We had a couple of tenants and the re leasing was done swiftly so l never lost any income. Well done and thanks again.

Regards, Chris Bolton

We have rented through Melbourne Real Estate for the past 3 years and have always received fantastic service.
Our property manager is Samantha Bolton and she is great to communicate with and nothing is too much trouble. If we have an issue it is dealt with quickly.
We are really happy.

Regards, Stuart Law

Great help and service from our property manager Samantha Bolton! Despite any of our circumstances changing she and Melbourne Real Estate were very understanding and looked after us. Thank you.

Regards, Ben Jones

I've been with MRE for over two years now and the level of service and communications I have received is second to none.
Samantha Bolton has been a pleasure to deal with and has gone over and above to assist me with looking after my property.
I look forward to continuing the relationship into the future.

Regards, Adrian Wortley

Just wanted to leave feedback on our Property Manager at Melbourne Real Estate, The whole team are great but in particular Samantha is always so helpful, responsive, and such a pleasure to deal with and we just wanted to say how much we appreciate it.

It's such a nice change to have someone so professional and so great at what she does! Thanks Sam!

Regards, Jo Miller

Samantha has been our property manager at MRE for over 2 years. She is a fantastic professional, very easy and prompt in her communications, taking care of everything. We recently have re-leased our property and Samantha has done it very swiftly and efficiently. Well done and keep up your great work!

Regards, Dmitry Budnik

Samantha was a great to liase with throughout the entire tenancy period. Everything was done efficiently and with a professional manner. Thanks!

Regards, Marcus del Rio

Sincere thanks to Samantha Bolton for making my rental application so seamless.
In addition to the automated emails I received from Melbourne Real Estate, Samantha sent personalised ones.
When I did the 'move in' inspection and found an issue, she got my approval before sending in another contractor.
Samantha made me feel like a valued client, instead of just another 'rental applicant'.
Thank You

Regards, C Au

In 2016 I made the spur of the moment decision to relocate from Perth to Melbourne to join my partner. As is life things don't always go to plan, and a few short months later I found myself single, 24, and living in a big unknown city; no Mum to view apartments with, no Dad to do the heavy lifting, no close friends to help unpack or tell me if I was hanging my pictures straight.

I couldn't believe I was successful with my first property application, but I couldn't have gotten luckier... Samantha Bolton from Melbourne Real Estate helped me make a home away from home, and truly stood in for those who were missing from the process. When new carpets were being installed she organised for the team to help me with a bed delivery. On each inspection she noticed, and took the time to comment on, my new piece of furniture or my latest fengshui. When I needed to break my lease early she went beyond her call of duty to negotiate with the owners, keeping the process transparent and both parties consistently informed. She even made a Kmart run to replace a lightbulb that had blown after I had vacated, and had also already left the state.

There is generally nothing easy or simple about any real estate process (and I have been through my fair share of boxes and bubble wrap), but I have learnt that there are people who take it upon themselves to reinvent the experience, and go on the journey with you. I have only mentioned a few examples of Samantha's patience, understanding, kindness, and humanity over the last 2 years, but there is a reason I was present at every rent inspection. You are truly a gem Samantha, I can not thank you enough. Melbourne would have been a very different city had it not been for you and your support!

Regards, Broch Tahlai Cleminson

Really great service, and would certainly use this company again.. Samantha was always helpful when needed.

Regards, Jamie Kent

Samantha Bolton is our Property Manager with MRE for our investment property. We have found her to always be professional in her role. Keeping us updated not only with our property, but with the market trends in regards to rental prices etc. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to have their investment property managed.

Regards, Leanne Taylor

We have been with MRE as Investors for over 5 years and can't recommend them enough. Samantha took over our portfolio and has been a delight to work with. Nothing has ever been too hard, we are interstate and she does her best to make things easy for us. Best agents I have dealt with.

Regards, Belinda Mc

I am impressed with my contact at Melbourne Real Estate, Samantha Bolton, who answers my queries quickly and professionally. She is a delight to deal with.

Regards, Linda Hess

I have had my property managed by Samantha Bolton and her team for a few years now and I would highly recommend her and the MRE team. She has always provided quality, timely advice ensuring excellent standards.

Regards, Rob Powell

Samantha has been the most fantastic property manager from the moment we moved in. We moved from interstate and Samantha made the whole process seamless and enjoyable.

Samantha always responds to any queries straight away, she is so professional and by far the best property manager we have ever had!

Regards, Anna S

I engaged the services’s of Melbourne Real Estate to help with the task of managing 5 residential properties and 3 commercial properties that I inherited. Both Stephen Fitzsimon and Samantha Brownlee worked tirelessly to get my properties running smoothly again. Their skills and knowledge were invaluable and included re-marketing vacant properties, increasing under market rental figures, arranging trades and repairs, identifying non compliant risks to tenants, cosmetic updates to increase rental income and so much more. No problem was ever an issue and their constant communication and honesty made for what was an overwhelming task manageable and achievable.

Regards, Bridget Waddell

Sam and the entire team at Melbourne Real Estate were a pleasure to have as our real estate. As renters, it's important to have a team you can go to with any questions or concerns at all. We would highly recommend MRE to anyone!

Regards, Josh Parsons

After being with Melbourne Real Estate now for just over a year, we’d like to commend Samantha Bolton and Melbourne Real Estate on the excellent client service and attentiveness she provides.

Samantha is responsive and sees all matters to their close and is always friendly and has both the tenant and landlord as a top priority equally.

After having dealt with many real estates in our life as both tenant and landlord I have to say Samantha and Melbourne Real Estate are without doubt a standout and shining example of what great client service and property management is all about!

Regards, Jo Myers

Probably one of the best real estate agencies I have dealt with. These guys jump on issues the minute they are notified of it and are just amazing to deal with. Unlike the other people out there these people really care. Samantha out real estate agent was amazing in getting us all settled in and making the process so easy.

Regards, Sami Janjua

Found working with MRE very easy and effective. Samantha is great to work with, going above and beyond. next time I look for a new place, will not hesitate to contact them first.

Regards, Jerome Fink

We’ve rented with MRE for almost three years and have had nothing less than an amazing experience. Any small issues we’ve had were resolved in a prompt and professional manner. We would highly recommended MRE and Sam B to renters and owners.

Regards, Tomas Stanford

I have been a client of Melbourne Real Estate for ~2 years, and have been looked after by Samantha Brownlee during this period. Samantha is a highly professional real estate agent, and unlike some of the previous managing agents I have encountered at different companies, Samantha has a very good grasp of the legislation pertaining to tenancy and owners corporations. In a recent example I have been dealing with an overzealous owners committee, and Samantha has been excellent at guiding me in the right direction to ensure that I do not fall foul of the legislation. I rate the service highly, and happy to provide a verbal reference to anybody wishing to speak to a real life client. Just ask MRE for my contact details. Kind regards. Adrian

Regards, Adrian Addy

Samantha has managed our property since we bought it in May 2013. Due to her knowing the market well, it has always been tenanted and at a good rental rate. We highly recommend MRE.

Regards, Dugald O'Hare

Melbourne Real Estate has been excellent to deal this. Samantha Brownlee is a great real estate agent who has been professional and friendly. Great service :)

Regards, Ciara Henderson

Rented from the MRE property manager Samantha last year. There's one thing impressed me most that everytime they do the property inspection, if the place is properly maintained, they will leave a bag of chocolate with the word ' your place looks sweet.' That's really lovely.

Regards, Jian Cui