eNPS – Employee Satisfaction at MRE

Is there a ‘secret-sauce’ when it comes to a great team of employees?

Along with challenging traditional modes of operating to create a premier brand that delivers industry-leading value to our 3,000+ clients, Melbourne Real Estate prides itself on our happy and engaged employees. We actively work towards fostering an environment that’s both positive and rewarding, fostering a culture of mutual respect, worth and trust between every single team member.

The spirit of MRE rests on our passion and drive for success, which not only sets us apart from other businesses, but involves individual employees reaching their potential through clear career development paths and continual learning and development opportunities.

Company involvement at all levels, be it in the submission of individual ideas and solutions, or team building scenarios, through to the all-important Friday night drinks and our active social club, all influence employee attitudes, engagement and performance.

Using the proven metric of The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), our team members were voluntarily surveyed to establish just how happy they were to be working for and with MRE. Given the benchmark score for rental, hiring and real estate services is a grim -50 (that’s right minus fifty!), we were absolutely delighted with an overall score of +77 eNPS!

To give the above scores context, the spectrum and scale of results in an eNPS can range from minus one-hundred (-100) to plus one-hundred (+100).

eNPS MRE Vs Industry Benchmark

Hiring for attitude, drive and a commitment to the highest quality outcomes ensures our unique, world class brand continues to shine, and we remain at the forefront of employee best practice.

To find out a little more about eNPS and benchmark scores across other industries and business – please visit https://www.customermonitor.com/nps-employee-engagement-benchmarks-australia