High-Performing Newcomer, Matisse Bracken, Named Domain’s Victorian Trailblazer

The up and coming innovator who is just getting started.  


On Thursday, April 28th, our very own Leasing Team Lead, Matisse Bracken, was awarded the Victorian Domain Trailblazer award winner for 2022. This achievement was unsurprising given the exceeding advancements she has made since entering the industry.

Matisse’s Real Estate journey began when she commenced working as a full-time Leasing Consultant at MRE in March 2021. Immediately, she became a valuable member of our team, learning the ropes during a stressful and intense period that included the imminent COVID-19 that impacted property inspections. Feedback on Matisse’s performance was always highly positive, and her brilliant customer service abilities shone through in her every interaction.

Although inspections were prohibited throughout the year, Matisse used innovative technology to lease properties via virtual means, including sharing condition report videos with potential renters so that they could lease properties with confidence. Such in-depth videos were uncommon in the market, allowing Matisse and her team to continue securing renters even during the most difficult circumstances.

When one-on-one inspections became possible, Matisse devised a procedure to show as many renters through our properties as possible, even if only one at a time, effectively increasing our efficiency by 37%.

Matisse was elevated to the position of Leasing Team Lead in September 2021 in recognition of her growth and constant yearning to advance her skillset. She manages and leads a division of the business responsible for over 4000 properties. Since taking over the reins, the market has grown significantly, therefore Matisse’s attention has shifted to rent maximisation, tracking high-demand listings, and modifying rents upfront, as some market segments have experienced a significant increase in rentals. She takes a proactive approach to management by ensuring that her team does not showcase properties that already have several strong applications, resulting in increased leasing efficiency and demonstrating her leadership skills. Matisse has instituted structured performance reviews for her team, and she proactively addresses and resolves problems, rather than relying on workarounds.

Matisse has such a bright future ahead of her, and we cannot wait to watch her develop further in her role and as a member of Team MRE.

You can learn more about Matisse via her profile.