For the most part, minor maintenance items are more easily and efficiently resolved yourself rather than having a tradesperson attend.

To assist you on your DIY journey we’ve created some handy video tutorials on how to attend to the most common maintenance issues. Don’t forget that your property manager is always available to discuss any concerns and to offer guidance.

Maintenance tips and tricks air conditioner

In this how-to video, we show you how to quickly and easily clean your air conditioner filter without fuss.


maintenance tips and tricks toilet seat

A loose toilet seat can be frustrating to deal with, so we asked Melbourne Real Estate’s fix-it guru, Matt to walk us through this simple repair job.


Your kitchen rangehood filter is just as important as the one in your air conditioner and should be cleaned regularly for optimum ventilation. Click here for a quick how-to on cleaning your rangehood.


Don’t let loose fixtures and fittings get in your way! These common issues can be easily fixed without requiring a tradesperson to attend. With just a few simple tools, Matt shows us how in this informative video.


We take a look at troubleshooting tips and tricks to get your gas cooktop working again in no time in this Maintenance with Matt video.


Maintenance tips and tricks downlights

Downlight globes are slightly different to regular globes, but some can be replaced without engaging an electrician. This how-to maintenance video takes us through how to replace a blown downlight globe.


Blocked basin? No problem! In this Maintenance with Matt video, our Melbourne Real Estate fix-it king give us a couple of solutions for this common household problem.