Melbourne Real Estate Headquarters

SXY: 12 Yarra Street, South Yarra (Head Office)

In March 2008, Melbourne Real Estate opened our purpose-built headquarters.

The brief was to create a dynamic and friendly space with the feeling of a “first class lounge”. The result is an environment that reflects our standard of excellence, our commitment to beautiful architecture and gives us the perfect backdrop against which to display our projects.

The office has been smart-wired using CBUS and control 4. For project flythroughs we use the 60 inch TV, and for presentations we bring out the big guns: our 100 inch projector with surround sound.

Along with our music library, dynamic lighting and 20 embedded speakers, we have a fun, ultra-professional fit out that perfectly represents our culture and spirit.

Property Management Department

At Melbourne Real Estate, we take our Property Management business very seriously. In December 2012, we expanded our office space at 12 Yarra Street to occupy both Ground and Level 1, to accommodate for our continually-expanding Property Management department.

The core values of our business place our people and culture at the top so it was fitting that we should design a dedicated Property Management premises for our team. We wanted it to be a beautiful place in which they could work, gather, reflect, convene and congregate.

The finished result is visually stunning – more like a boutique store or café – and the workspace is a perfect expression of MRE’s standards of excellence.
The centrepiece is a magnificent vertical garden wall that frames the luxury kitchen, built-in coffee machine and drinks centre.

MRE Headquarters SXY

Eq. Tower: 8/127-141 A’Beckett Street, Melbourne

In 2016, MRE’s CBD office was completed in the iconic Eq.Tower builder.

Catering for both Property Management and Re-Sales of existing apartments in the heart of Melbourne’s burgeoning apartment precinct, this conveniently situated office continues MRE’s quest for excellence.