Net Promoter Score – NPS

How does MRE improve and achieve our path of delivering WOW service?

How do we ensure we are delivering value that matters for all of our clients and team members?

…It has, and always will be about communication and a strong feedback loop!

Evaluation from our key stakeholders is vital to maintaining a superior industry standard. Access to meaningful feedback gives us an understanding of client needs, motivation, attitudes and behavioural drivers, enabling us to rapidly implement strategies for continued improvement across the board – yesterday’s way of doing business is not tomorrow’s way to success.

Thanks to the constructive criticism of our landlords and tenants, we have seen consistent improvement in our award-winning Property Management Department, along with the majority of our Property Managers recording outstanding personal results.

In 2020, we are thrilled to announce we achieved a Net Promoter Score of +66, an increase of 7 points on our 2019 survey – a result we are truly proud of.


For context, the range of NPS scores has a range that starts at minus one-hundred (-100) to plus one-hundred (+100).  The NPS scores for Apple, Sony and Starbucks are +47, +61 and +77, respectively, while the overall industry benchmark for the real estate industry sits at a lowly -3, ensuring MRE’s results are not just good, but firmly in the sphere of delivering world-class excellence.

Noting and classifying every single client comment, we are able to establish certain patterns that allow us to modify, adapt and evolve our services. By acting on NPS data, we can develop professional development pathways, ensuring our property managers are motivated to exceed expectations and deliver the WOW service to which we continually aspire.

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