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At MRE, we aim to make the process of leasing a property as simple as possible for both rental providers and renters. Our 30 Day Leasing Plan allows us to do exactly that whilst leasing a property at the highest possible rent in the shortest amount of time.

Showing properties from morning to evening, six days a week, is the core focus of our full-time Leasing team. This ensures that all prospective renters can inspect your property at a time suitable for them.

At MRE, we don’t just stick with standard 12 month leases. We have targeted leases that expire in the middle of peak season, so that if the renter vacates, it’s the busiest time of year to find a new renter at the highest possible rent, in the shortest period of time.

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In today’s highly competitive market, we want to make certain that your property appears on the short list of all prospective renters. A virtual inspection prior to a physical viewing means that people attending open for inspections are already interested in your property, which results in a higher conversion of rental applications.

Superstar Renters
Before any rental is approved, MRE goes above and beyond to ensure only the best renters are selected for our properties.

A condition report is a vital part of a rental agreement, though we found paper reports could be too easily misinterpreted or confused. To improve on this, we introduced video condition reports, which provide a thorough visual report of the property in complete and close detail.

MRE believes in transparency. Rather than relying on written reports and limited photography, we provide our rental providers with a high-definition video of every inspection.

Fortunately at MRE we have minimal issues with rental arrears, though it can be a real problem for owners. We ensure only the best renters are put into our properties, which establishes our low level of arrears.

The support and development of our team is of utmost importance at MRE. By taking care of our team, we take care of our clients.