How To Secure A Rental Property! (Pick me! Pick me!)

No one said that finding the perfect rental property was going to be easy, but with some planning and a bit of homework you can certainly give yourself a competitive edge. Read some of our hints and tricks below to give you the best chance to secure a rental property.

1) Be Ready To Apply

Picture it, you’ve found the ideal inner suburban apartment with room to swing a cat and you can’t wait to move in. Trouble is, while you’re busy mentally assembling IKEA furniture, another potential tenant has already completed their online application,, and beaten you to the punch.

Make sure your application is filled out correctly for each tenant.

  • Ensure you have references and they are informed to expect to be contacted.
  • Provide copies of supporting documentation such as bank statements, photo ID, an employment confirmation letter along with two recent pay slips, proof of ownership of current residence (if applicable) and any pet references.

A well crafted 1form application complete with all supporting documentation will make it much quicker and easier for an owner to provide approval. Everyone wins.

2) Do Your Research

Ignorance is not a defence. There’s no point turning up to an inspection with your family of four to find it’s a one bedroom property next to a nightclub.

Search for properties appropriate to your needs. Read property descriptions, look at the photos and watch the videos.

  • When is the earliest date the property will be available?
  • Does the property include a car spot?
  • Avoid limiting your options. Book as many inspections as possible by either contacting the agent or utilizing the “Book An Inspection” link.
  • Keep your Saturdays free – the bulk of properties will be shown on a Saturday.
  • If you don’t know, ask. That’s what your agent’s for. Feel free to quiz them on property features such as appliances, amenities and car parking.

3) Remember Your Manners

You know the old adage, you catch more flies with honey? Well it’s true. Your agent is effectively the gatekeeper to the owner and if you come across as difficult, pushy and hard to deal with you’re not going sell yourself as the ideal tenant.

Try to arrive early to an inspection and contact the agent if you’re running late.

  • Let the agent know if you are planning on applying for the property.

4) Dress For Success

If you turn up wearing track pants and Crocs there’s every chance, rightly or wrongly, you’ll be overlooked in favour of the chap in the chinos and Rodd & Gunn polo. His outfit says responsible recycler while yours screams Meat Lovers with 2 litre diet coke. I’ll leave you to figure out which one is leaving the better impression.

5) Post Property Inspection Follow up

Once you’ve spotted a suitable property use the profile to apply immediately

  • Don’t assume that because you were the only one at an inspection that other applications aren’t being processed for that property.
  • Both the lease length and rental amount offered are critical. You can gain the edge with popular places by offering your potential landlord a longer lease period or higher than asking rent amount.
  • Keep your options open. Continue to inspect and apply for all suitable homes. Just because you get approved for a property doesn’t mean you are compelled to lease it.

Finally, you should hear which properties you’ve been approved for over the next few days. In the event you miss out, rinse and repeat. You’ll be organising a housewarming in no time.


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