Surprise Benefits to Selling Over the Christmas Period

It may seem counterintuitive to list your home for sale following the conventionally popular spring selling season, but there are some clear advantages to selling over the Christmas period. 


Spring Sales Wash-up:

Generally, it’s a highly competitive selling time, but once the dust settles, not only will many sellers be on the look-out for their next property, but odds are there will be a number of people who missed out on purchasing their dream home and are still highly motivated to buy.

Less Competition:

In the traditionally busy real estate flurry of Autumn and Spring, it can be difficult to distinguish yourself from the crowd and you can find yourself competing with other home sellers. Keen buyers have fewer available prospects over Christmas and New Year, which can make your property more attractive, create demand and result in an excellent sales price. By late January and February, property listings begin to ratchet up again, so consider making hay while the sun shines.


Holiday Mindset:

It’s the beginning of summer, a time of celebration and happiness, there’s less working and more socialising and people are feeling a little more relaxed and cheerful. Serious buyers have more time to hunt out and view potential homes. Along with a ‘New Year, New Home’ state of mind, happy buyers are also amenable to negotiation and are often looking for an early new year move-in date, resulting in an expedient and relatively pain-free sale for all parties.

Festive Staging:

The emotional allure of a home redolent with Christmas cheer can create the perfect backdrop for a sale, especially if your target market is families. Having said that, it’s equally important to avoid an excess of tacky decorations and to keep it simple and elegant. A tasteful wreath, garland trim and low-key tabletop centrepiece will create the vibe without distraction or compromised light and space in your home.


Lower Key Sales Strategies:

Auctions can undoubtedly produce stellar results in the right areas, but for many buyers, they can also be intimidating. With many agencies tending to shut up shop over the Christmas period, home auctions are light on the ground until the new year. If you do choose to sell at this time, it’s more likely to be a Private Sale, which not only offers a great deal of seller flexibility but will put buyers at their ease as well.


Rental Transit:

The Christmas and New Year period is a busy time for the rental market. Leases are up and people need to think about their next move. Do they opt for another rental property, or maybe it’s finally the right time to buy? Your home could be just what they are looking for.

The MRE Difference:

The good news is that the MRE Residential Sales team are 100% committed to selling your property right through the festive season. Whilst many agents cease trading during this time, MRE is open for business catering to these unique buyers and have had great success over recent years. Drawing on our up to the minute knowledge of market temperature and local trends, tailored marketing campaigns and expert negotiating skills, we’re here to help Father Christmas deliver the perfect buyer for your property!


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