Staging A Property When Selling

Way back in the day, preparing a home for sale involved little beyond clearing out the garage, a good dousing of Spray’n’Wipe, thoughtfully placed lilies and a pot of coffee, with maybe a tray of freshly baked muffins thrown in for good measure.

Today’s home sellers, however, are increasingly hiring professional stylists to temporarily furnish and style their properties, replacing, adding to or removing key items of furniture, ornaments, rugs and artworks to appeal to a broad range of buyers. They literally set the scene for prospective buyers to picture themselves living there.

Popular lifestyle and home renovation television programmes such as ‘The Block’ ,’Better Homes & Gardens’ and ‘House Rules’, reinforce the importance of home styling and repeatedly prove the economic value of professional presentation, with many agents agreeing that the budget for staging a property is returned many times over in the eventual sale price.

Where once home staging was typically the preserve of high-end properties, today’s industry experts agree that a professionally styled home will improve the chances of selling for a higher price right across the board.

Think Minimalist:

Prepare your property for effective styling with some serious de-cluttering. Lose family photos, fridge magnets and the stuffed bear collection, plus any questionable artworks that may negatively distract a potential purchaser.

Create A Canvas for Colour:

Considered colour choices evoke certain emotional responses from people, with bright yellows and oranges used to energise living rooms, while muted blues, lilacs and greys will calm and relax in bedrooms. A coat of neutral paint will not only freshen a space, but also highlights these chosen pops of colour.

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Work With A Favourite Room:

Be mindful that a picture paints a thousand words, and that the more attractive your internet photos, the greater the inspection numbers. Concentrate on main rooms such as kitchens, ensuring counters are cleared of all but an artful selection of culinary accoutrements,  such as herb pots, a bowl of lemons, Jamie’s latest tome and maybe a coffee machine.

Size Matters:

Your great grandmother’s gigantic chesterfield sofa has been in the family for decades, but it completely dwarfs your living room, avoid making a room appear cramped by making sure the displayed furniture reflects the rooms proportions.

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Fresh Is Better:

It worked 30 years ago and it still does today. Fresh flowers and greenery add vibrancy to your photos and life to the space, and are especially effective in linking indoor and outdoor living spaces.

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Employing a professional home stager guarantees your property will be presented at its absolute best, and is an investment in the very best possible sale outcome.