Supporting Parents through Paid Parental Leave at MRE

With MRE’s new Paid Parental Leave program, soon-to-be parents no longer have to worry about budgeting on one income while on maternity leave.

MRE Founder Peter Hooymans, nearly 20 years ago, committed to two guiding principles: we will never be complacent, and we will always put people first. These tenets continue to guide MRE’s expansion and evolution – in fact, they are centre stage. MRE recently introduced employer-sponsored paid parental leave across the entire business. A rarity in SMEs and even rarer in real estate.

“We value our people above anything else,” affirms Mr Hooymans. “We take such great care in recruiting, training, and developing them; it is only natural that we must support their transition into parenthood and when they return to the workplace”.

“We are going to continue to support our people to grow, develop and achieve their ambitions. We know how stressful it can be for some people to lose an income at the same time as welcoming a new baby – we want to remove that stress”.

The MRE parental leave program is based on best-practice guidelines developed by the Australian Government Workplace Gender Equality Agency. It includes:

  • Up to 12 weeks of paid leave at employees’ average wage over the past 12 months (this means that commissions are included(!) so that new parents don’t go ‘backward’ in their pay)
  • Superannuation top-up on government-sponsored paid parental leave, in addition to super paid on MRE parental leave (helping address the gender super gap)
  • Leave can be taken at half-pay and extended to cover up to 24 weeks
  • Up to 10 ‘Keeping in Touch’ days whilst on parental leave, ensuring that new parents remain connected and a part of planning, learning, and development
  • Flexible work arrangements to ease back into the workplace

We are excited to be implementing this program almost immediately. “Property management team leader Tahlia Palazzolo, senior property manager Andrea Hammond and residential sales executive Talisa Paris will receive up to 12 weeks paid parental leave, at their average wage from the past 12 months including commissions, when they have their babies in May and June.” – Kylie Dulhunty, Elite Agent Magazine.

MRE hopes to influence a shift in the industry whereby supporting people including our Supermums remains paramount.

You can learn more about our Paid Parental Leave program and Tahlia, Talisa and Andrea via the Elite Agent Magazine Article.