Ann Rogers Headshot
Read More Ann Rogers Executive Assistant to Peter
wendy truong
Read More Wendy Truong Learning & Development Lead
Isabella Morel
Read More Isabella Morel People & Culture Coordinator

Residential Sales

Michael Fava
Read More Michael Fava Residential Sales Manager
Talisa Paris
Read More Talisa Paris Residential Sales Executive
Jake Hu Headshot
Read More Jake Hu 胡连强 Residential Sales Executive
Melanie Chan Headshot
Read More Melanie Chan Residential Sales Administrator

Project Sales

Georgina Mellick headshot
Read More Georgina Mellick Project Sales Director
Ella Glanville
Read More Ella Glanville Executive Assistant to Senior Team

Business Development

Lee Bouy
Read More Lee Bouy Business Development Manager
James Porto
Read More James Porto Business Development Manager
Alexa Walker
Read More Alexa Walker Business Development Administrator

Property Management

Samantha Brownlee Headshot
Read More Samantha Brownlee Team Leader Coverage / Support
Catherine Rodriguez
Read More Catherine Rodriguez Team Leader Coverage / Support
Matthew McKenna Headshot
Read More Matthew McKenna Senior Property Manager – Commercial & Residential
Stephanie Bradshaw
Read More Stephanie
Senior Property Manager
Andrea Hammond
Read More Andrea Hammond Senior Property Manager
Tilly Gillan
Read More Tilly Gillan Senior Property Manager
Emily Varga
Read More Emily Varga Senior Property Manager
Kathy Wang
Read More Kathy Wang 王思淇 Senior Property Manager
Alexander Wright
Read More Alexander Wright Senior Property Manager
Iris Kathuria
Read More Iris Kathuria Senior Property Manager
Courtney Hill
Read More Courtney Hill Senior Property Manager
Read More Brooke Johnson Senior Property Manager
Andy Kou
Read More Andy Kou 寇钰群 Senior Property Manager
Johnson Tan
Read More Johnson Tan 陈章胜 Property Manager
Anna Mou
Read More Anna Mou 繆本薇 Property Manager
Read More Eleni Zahariadis Property Manager
Nick Hannas Headshot
Read More Nick Hannas Assistant Property Manager

Residential Leasing

Matisse Bracken
Read More Matisse Bracken Leasing Team Lead
Anthony Lu
Read More Anthony Lu Development Leasing Consultant
Read More Ashleigh Rizio Leasing Consultant


Anabell Sharkey
Read More Annabel Sharkey Brand and Communications
Read More Annie Kind Digital Content Creator

Office Administration/Service

Jessie Chumintarachak
Read More Jessie Chumintarachak Property Management Administrator
Read More Nicola Lee Property Management Administrator