Adriarna Nunn Headshot
Read More Adriarna Nunn Head of People & Culture

Project Sales

Georgina Mellick headshot
Read More Georgina Mellick Project Sales Director

Residential Sales

Read More Jason Andor Residential Sales Manager
Michael Fava Headshot
Read More Michael Fava Residential Sales Executive
Elizabeth Xiang Headshot
Read More Elizabeth Xiang 向绿 Residential Sales Support
Josh Simmons Headshot
Read More Josh Simmons Residential Sales Support

Business Development

Stephen Fitzsimon Headshot
Read More Stephen Fitzsimon Head of Business Development
Jason Low Headshot
Read More Jason Low 刘青纬 Business Development Manager
Jeremy Phey Headshot
Read More Jeremy Phey Business Development Manager
Read More Jessica Felicia 林佩瑾 Business Development Manager
Read More Lee Bouy Business Development Manager
Read More Elijah Lizurek Business Development Associate

Development Leasing

Read More Ella Beckingsale Development Leasing Manager
Read More Jacob Smycz Development Leasing Consultant

Property Management

Leigh Edwards Headshot
Read More Leigh Edwards Property Management Operations Manager
Brenton Reginato Headshot
Read More Brenton Reginato Team Leader & Training Specialist
Read More Wendy Truong 林嘉鸣 Team Leader
Matthew McKenna Headshot
Read More Matthew McKenna Senior Property Manager / New Business
Richard Sun Headshot
Read More Richard Sun 孙与丰 Senior Property Manager
Krysytal McCrabb Headshot
Read More Krystal McCrabb Senior Property Manager
Read More Nelson Rowe Senior Property Manager
Read More Laura Moody Senior Property Manager
Jason Wang Headshot
Read More Jason Wang 王子旗 Property Manager
Patricia Bou Khalil Headshot
Read More Patricia Bou Khalil Property Manager
Read More Dannielle Hitchens Property Manager
Read More Kathy Wang 王思淇 Property Manager
Read More Stephanie Bradshaw Property Manager
Read More Jean Ding 丁锦 Property Manager
Melissa Calautti Headshot
Read More Melissa Calautti Assistant Property Manager
Dinson Ong Headshot
Read More Dinson Ong Assistant Property Manager

Residential Leasing

Read More David Cole Senior Leasing Consultant
Nicholas Johan Headshot
Read More Nicholas Johan Leasing Consultant

Customer Service and Administration

Zac Wilson Headshot
Read More Zac Wilson Administration Team Leader
Joshua Heydon Headshot
Read More Joshua Heydon Property Management Administrator
Isabella Morel Headshot
Read More Isabella Morel Property Management Administrator
Read More Jessie Du 杜紫馨 Property Management Support
Madeleine Johnstone Headshot
Read More Madeleine Johnstone Digital Strategy & Creative
Cate Gleeson Headshot
Read More Cate Gleeson Administration Support