• Regards, Eleanor – 25, September, 2020

    Year after year Melbourne Real Estate never fails to impress me. I am very thankful to my amazing property manager, Tilly Gillan. She is highly professional, organised, helpful and has a great personality. Thanks so much for looking after me, Tilly. Keep up the good work! A big thank you also to my landlord, Stefan Albanese! He is simply amazing! All in all, I highly recommend Melbourne Real Estate to anyone who is either looking for a property to rent or to sell.

  • Regards, Kay Scanlon – 21, September, 2020

    Tahlia at Melbourne Real Estate took over from Jessica as my rental agent. She has proved to be as professional, diligent and offers great customer service as my previous agent. Highly recommend.

  • Regards, Gaby Cilia – 21, September, 2020

    The team at MRE have provided exceptional service managing all the properties at Piccolo House. Leigh Edwards our property manager has such a professional manner, is diligent and is always accessible. His dedication and knowledge in resolving any issues or concerns is exemplary.

  • Regards, Lorna Gan – 21, September, 2020

    Wendy Truong is my agent looking after my property. She is consistently reliable, absolutely professional and incredibly efficient. My husband and I can’t thank her enough for all her help. Thanks Wendy!

  • Regards, Alana Barker – 21, September, 2020

    We had such a great experience dealing with Melbourne Real Estate. Our property manager provided amazing service to us and was always super helpful. Highly recommend these guys!

  • Regards, Erwin Santos – 21, September, 2020

    During difficult times, Tilly Gillan from MRE was super empathetic and understanding. She handled herself extremely professionally and made us feel like she genuinely had our best interests at heart.

  • Regards, Hazel Brown – 21, September, 2020

    I have been most impressed with the services of my property manager Tilly Gillan. Her concise and timely communications, feedback, reporting and professionalism is unlike the services of any other agent I have used before. I highly recommend Melbourne Real Estate to any landlord seeking the ease of the complete management package they offer.

  • Regards, Kate Macdonald – 18, September, 2020

    We have used the services of MRE for 6+years and have been very impressed with their professional service. Laura, our property manager has always been easily accessible, responsive & attentive to our requests or concerns. Monthly & annual Property Statements are comprehensive and timely as are regular property inspections. We would certainly recommend their services.

  • Regards, Judy Zhu – 18, September, 2020

    The team at the MRE has done a great job in term of quickly securing the tenants within stage 4 lock-down period. In particular, we want to thank you Andy and Stefan. They both are wonderful! Stefan is easy to communicate and collaborate as well as looking after our interests in terms of lease out our investment property. Whilst Andy (our property manager) who was responsive, accommodating and a true professional to deal with. We could not have achieved good out come without their assistance.

  • Regards, Jenny Dowd – 15, September, 2020

    Alex Wright at MRE has been managing both my rental properties for some time and I am extremely happy with the service he provides. I know I can trust him to look after the properties, the tenants and myself, and would recommend his services to all.

  • Regards, Mango Huynh – 14, September, 2020

    First time renting? Same here. I’ve been dealing with Iris Kathuria just before lockdown round 2 and she has been absolutely wonderful & extremely helpful to say the least. She goes above and beyond to make sure things are where they need to be and that things get done. Made my first time renting easy and definitely recommend her and the team at Melbourne Real Estate.

  • Regards, Herman Kwok – 10, September, 2020

    Wendy Truong from MRE has been very cooperative and helpful during these years. 🙏🏼

  • Regards, Charles Tan – 9, September, 2020

    I’ve been with MRE for couple of years now and my experience is nothing short of excellent. My current property manager, Caitlin O’Keeffe is simply amazing. Often when an issue that was brought to my attention, be it tenant, lease expiration, damaged fixtures etc… Caitlin already has a suggestion or solution in her accompanying email. Like our most recent correspondence, she explained how Covid-19 has affected the rental market and back it up with references to give me a clearer picture on how to handle an up coming lease expiration. This is especially helpful since I’m based in Singapore at the moment. On top of that I would also like to commend on Head of Business Development, Stephen Fitzsimon who previously reached out to me expressing interest to consolidate my portfolio under MRE. This wonderful team from MRE has demonstrated good initiative and professionalism thus giving me great confidence in their ability and potential.

  • Regards, Panayiota Henderson – 9, September, 2020

    Extremely pleased with the service we receive from Melbourne Real Estate. They manage 2 properties for me and have found them to be very responsive and helpful in all aspects of managing them both. Always keeping us up to date with any changes. Thank you guys and especially Stephanie

  • Regards, Cher Chen – 9, September, 2020

    Tilly Gillan is the most patient and understanding agent whom I have ever encountered so far. Never get angry or upset and always deal with the issues with peace of mind.

  • Regards, Sharon Barba – 9, September, 2020

    We couldn’t be more grateful to our new Property Manager, Tahlia Izlemek, for her assistance through the challenges of this COVID period. Tahlia is empathetic and responsive and works for a win/win outcome for owners and tenants. We are pleased to recommend her, and MRE.

  • Regards, Bernadette McClelland – 8, September, 2020

    I have been with Melbourne Real Estate since our first tenant. We moved real estate agents after being unable to find a tenant and Leigh and Caitlin have been absolutely fantastic. Caitlin’s attention to detail is second to none and the communication from MRE on the whole is spot on. HIGHLY recommend!!

  • Regards, Kush Tarpara – 8, September, 2020

    I’ve dealt with two different agents and genuinely had great experience with both of ’em. They’re helpful, convincing and respectful. Had wonderful experience. Tilly Gillan! highly recommended.

  • Regards, Joshua Benetti – 8, September, 2020

    A great team filled with people who genuinely care about their clients. Not a single bad experience in my time of working alongside Melbourne Real Estate. Perfect example of this is Isabella from the MRE team, always a pleasure to work alongside.

  • Regards, W – 7, September, 2020

    Tilly Gillan has been very attentive and helpful when started to take over in managing our property since July. Tilly has been able to accommodate and work closely with both owner and tenant and come up with solution especially during this pandemic and hard time faced by both parties.

  • Regards, Alex Zattelman – 7, September, 2020

    Sean Masters and the team at Melbourne Real Estate got my unit rented within a week with a great tenant, after it was sitting vacant for about 80 days under another agent. I’m really impressed with Sean’s enthusiasm, efficiency and communications.

  • Regards, Dean Lee – 4, September, 2020

    The current climate with Covid-19 has been a challenging one for both renters and landlords. As my property manager, Laura Moody has been doing fantastic job in hearing out the feedback from my tenant and passing that to myself to find the best way we could help each other during this unprecedented time. After successfully come up with win-win temporary solution, Laura continues to provide regular updates for both my tenant and myself. I would highly recommend MRE for their fantastic communication and professionalism to future landlords and tenants alike.

  • Regards, Aiden Parisi – 2, September, 2020

    It’s my first time letting a property and Danielle took care of everything, getting me a tenant, setting up insurance and getting a higher rent than I thought possible. Thoroughly recommend.

  • Regards, Rosh Ameen – 1, September, 2020

    We delighted with MRE services, particularly with Iris Kathuria, she is very prompt, and very well informed with what is going on with our property, her service is top notched. We are Glad that we are associated with Stephen & Melbourne Real Estate team. We will highly recommend MRE for any one looking for their service.

  • Regards, Kane Baker – 1, September, 2020

    If you have a property you would like to rent out, Melbourne Real Estate is the only company worth looking at (in my opinion). When I met Stephen (Fitzsimon) 5 or so years ago, I had no doubt that he would provide the type of service I was looking for, and I felt very confident he would deliver (and he has). Laura Moody (my agent) is always responsive, professional and keeps me well informed of anything and everything relating to my property. I feel very reassured that my investment is being well looked after, and that my tenant is happy. The only problem I have, is that they don’t have an office in Sydney, as I have property there, and unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the other agency I’m using !!

  • Regards, Olivia Kennedy – 1, September, 2020

    We’d like to acknowledge Sean Masters for being an awesome property manager for us, during our time renting through MRE. Sean is responsive and helpful, and has been a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him as a property manager. Thanks Sean!

  • Regards, Margie Dimech – 31, August, 2020

    Sean at Melbourne Real Estate managed our rental property for a number of years. His excellent communication and diligence was very much appreciated, especially as we were located overseas for some of this period. I would highly recommend him and MRE for anyone looking for someone to manage their real estate. Thank you Sean.

  • Regards, Kate Anderson – 31, August, 2020

    Melbourne real estate are a great estate agents to let with. All responses to issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. Their agents are also so friendly and professional and are happy to go above and beyond. I have had Rosie and Catherine for two estate agents dealing with my property and they have both been excellent to work with!

  • Regards, Marc Walker – 31, August, 2020

    Highly recommend

  • – 25, August, 2020

    I recently purchased a tennanted property on Elizabeth Street in Melbourne. Talisa managed the purchase confidently and Tilly managed the required departure of the tenants respectfully, in a time-frame convenient for the tenants & myself. Because these ladies acted in such a professionally confident and respectful manner it gave me the comfort of knowing things were getting done right – particularly in these unpredictable COVID times. Great job, I owe you drink if ever see you in the pub!

  • Regards, Sally Clarke – 25, August, 2020

    I wanted to thank Catherine Darbyshire from Melbourne Real Estate (MRE) for the consistently high quality of service that she provided to me when she took over as my Property Manager. Catherine responded to any of my communications immediately, and there was no issue that I reported that was not rectified very promptly. I am very grateful to both her and the owner of the property for making my rental experience so rewarding. I would recommend MRE to anyone looking to rent a property, you will be well looked after. Thank you Catherine and MRE!

  • Regards, Jean-Denis Naiken – 24, August, 2020

    Excellent team to deal with, specially Iris who looks after our property. Well done guys. Keep up the good work.

  • Regards, Graeme Balding – 24, August, 2020

    I have found staff to be on the ball and if there are problems such as fridges or other items not working properly, the problem is notified to me and is fixed efficiently. You have a number of excellent people that you can call on, who can fix particular items. Overall I am confident that things go well.

  • Regards, Helen – 24, August, 2020

    MRE manage your property in a very professional manner. The communication is excellent and during this uncertainty of Covid19, they have taken care of everything on our behalf. Their expertise and professionalism is 100%.

  • Regards, Tanielle Basson – 20, August, 2020

    High degree of professionalism and also accessible. Friendly staff that are willing to go above and beyond for both owners and tenants.

  • Regards, George Kow – 20, August, 2020

    I switched to Melbourne Real estate in July 2019. It is the best decision I made. My property manager Tahlia is always professional and responsive, keeping me up to date about my property. She makes owning and running an investment property so easy.

  • Regards, Neil Grigg – 18, August, 2020

    Since being introduced to MRE my experience with them has been fantastic. My property manager Caitlin with her communication has taken all the worry of owning my first property away from me. I could not recommend MRE any more highly to anyone involved in the property market. They make it such a breeze.

  • Regards, Mark Nivan – 18, August, 2020

    My property is handled by Ms Laura Moody ever since I decided to rent it out as I am based in Singapore. Even though I have never actually met Laura, my property has been managed professionally and I want to commend her not only for her professionalism but her willingness to help every time I have a question. Her suggestions are timely and issues are resolved efficiently with a minimum amount of fuss. She has simply been brilliant. Truth be told, I was asked to move to a new property manager. I do not think that is necessary when I have a gem now. COVID-19 has been tough on everyone but Laura has stayed resilient and honestly knowing that she is managing my property keeps me sane and assured. Keep up the great work Laura!

  • Regards, Trong Lau – 18, August, 2020

    Nina has been prompt, efficient and effective in attending to my queries. Thank you Nina!

  • Regards, Raymond Lee – 17, August, 2020

    MRE have been exceptionally helpful and professional in managing my property (timely updates, inspection videos, fast placements, good tenants, etc.) and I have no hesitation in recommending them to any potential customers. In particular, Nick Hannas who was recently assigned to my property has managed to effectively save me a few thousand dollars by successfully concluding an insurance claim for me, after multiple interactions with the tenant, contractors and insurance company. He truly represents MRE really well and has made a huge difference and impact by the excellent service and relationship that he has maintained with me.

  • Regards, Paul Basso – 17, August, 2020

    Being a Real Estate Agent and business owner myself I can appreciate the hard work that went into the rental of our 2 Melbourne Apartments. Our Property Manager Tahlia has done a great job during very difficult COVID related times. Well done to Tahlia and the Melbourne Real Estate Team. Highly Recommended.

  • Regards, David Beckingsale – 17, August, 2020

    I find MRE to be a very progressive and attentive company. Living interstate poses no disadvantages in terms of owning rental property in Melbourne. Alex Wright is very assiduous in his follow up and attention.

  • Regards, Brent Flavell – 17, August, 2020

    I’ve been working with Alexander from Melbourne Real Estate for over a year now, and in that time I’ve found him to be very professional, thorough and easy to work with. Any questions or requests have been responded to promptly, so we’ve never been left wondering.

  • Regards, Nelum Piyasena – 14, August, 2020

    Thank you Melbourne Real Estate for renting our property very efficiently during these difficult times. Your persistence and effort helped getting the work done. The credit goes to Alexander Wright of Melbourne Real estate. He did a great job finding a reliable tenant for our property. Thanks Alex great achievement.

  • Regards, Matt Rodios – 11, August, 2020

    We could not be more impressed with our experience with Melbourne Real Estate. A team of young professionals who are more attentive and responsive then any other real estate agency we have ever dealt with. Would highly recommend to anyone in the area who needs real estate assistance!

  • Regards, Peter Bull – 11, August, 2020

    As a renter, Melbourne real estate has made the COVID period so much easier for us. They quickly reached out to us post lock down after our work was impacted, to see if we were doing okay and helped us negotiate a reasonable rent reduction with our Landlord. Our property manager Iris Kathuria in particular has been fantastic.

  • Regards, Cecily Haeusler – 31, July, 2020

    Tilly Gillan has recently joined MRE and manages my rental property. In challenging times, she has demonstrated a high level of empathy and intuition together with outstanding communication skills to achieve optimum results for all parties. I have no hesitation in recommending both Tilly and MRE to anyone who requires highly professional service in both sales and property management.

  • Regards, Zhou Yiting – 30, July, 2020

    Jake is very responsible and helpful! He offered great help during this difficult time and managed to help me find the first tenant. Great experience with MRE

  • Regards, Elizabeth Punshon – 29, July, 2020

    Our experience with Jeremy and the team at Melbourne Real Estate has been by far the best experience we have ever had with a real estate agency. Jeremy and the team have been professional, responsive and transparent throughout the process of finding a tenant in such a challenging market. We will definitely recommend and use their services again in the future.

  • Regards, 袁寒池 – 28, July, 2020

    I have a really nice experience here. My agent Kathy is sooooooo amazing. She is professional and patient to help me to deal with all these troubles during my tenancy term. I meet a very terrible roommate and feel so bad. But Kathy makes me feel everything is under control. Kathy is the first agent I meet since I studied in Melbourne, she is very conscientious and has high professional qualities. Thank you so much, Kathy! I also have learnt how to treat something terrible in the future from your high working passions.

  • Regards, Madison Hart – 27, July, 2020

    I have been dealing with Adriarna from Melbourne Real Estate for close to 2 years. She has always demonstrated a great deal of professionalism & leadership. In addition to this, she takes pride in ensuring that the team at MRE are well resourced & have the support that they need.

  • Regards, Kim Blackmore – 27, July, 2020

    Recently I transferred the management of my Southbank apartment to Wendy Truong at MRE. I have been very impressed with Wendy’s speedy responses to my emails and phone calls; her can do attitude to various recent leasing tasks and her continual updating to me of the Covid 19 situation in regard to an appropriate rental.

    Happily, after 15 weeks of no tenancy, Wendy has secured new tenants for my apartment. I have found her very reasonable in terms of waiving fees in regard to attractive advertising photography and also conscientious in following up missing apartment items with the previous rental manager. Many thanks Wendy. I am really enjoying your thoroughly professional approach.

  • Regards, Mark Grogan – 27, July, 2020

    I have had excellent service with Melbourne Real Estate. The staff are helpful, professional, and really know how to communicate. Thanks to Adriarna Nunn and Stephen Fitzsimon for their great support and advice. Highly recommend the team.

  • Regards, Sarah Wood – 27, July, 2020

    Adriarna and Ella are delightful to deal with. They conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism in their roles and are always friendly and efficient. Their knowledge and reliability has made working with MRE seamless and I couldn’t speak more highly of them. Thank you both!

  • Regards, Taylah Hill – 13, July, 2020

    We have had a terrific experience securing a property through Melbourne Real Estate. Alexander was warm, professional, and extremely knowledgeable throughout the open inspections and he has gone above and beyond to help us find a home. He was able to answer any questions we had and the process could not have gone smoother. We really appreciate his communication throughout and could not recommend him highly enough!

  • Regards, Andrew Themis – 13, July, 2020

    Professional and pro-active team with exceptional service.

  • Regards, Haoxiang Zhang – 7, July, 2020

    Have a very good experience, the agent Jeff Chen was very responsible. Have patience. It a good choice to select this real estate company.

  • Regards, Han NyiNaing – 7, July, 2020

    I have encountered with Stefan and Iris from MRE. I must say they are very professional, hardworking and reliable. Always listen to the client’s need and provide an impeccable transparent service. I must say I couldn’t be happier with the decision to go with MRE for renting out my unit. 5 stars service!

  • Regards, Michael Warton – 7, July, 2020

    My housemates and I have had a very seamless time renting a house through this company, the last year has been very easy. Caitlin’s been a fantastic property manager, couldn’t recommend one more.

  • Regards, Michelle Wang – 7, July, 2020

    Super professional and efficient. Would definitely recommend to my friends.

  • Regards, Keisha Weller – 7, July, 2020

    MRE recently took over the management of our current rental property and as tenants we have found their service absolutely exceptional. We were provided a welcome call from Laura which gave us an opportunity to form the basis of a strong working relationship as agent and tenant. Laura Moody has blown us away with her exceptional customer service, nothing is ever too much and her solutions driven approach makes working with her an absolute pleasure. I have no doubt who we will engage to manager our future investment property. Thank you Laura for your can-do attitude & your wonderful positive energy you are certainly an asset to the MRE team! 🙂

  • Regards, Boonsan Gan – 24, June, 2020

    Iris is knowledgeable about her role and the market. She is fast, professional and courteous in execution! I have my new tenant signed up faster than expected at a good market rate!

  • Regards, Natalie Grant – 24, June, 2020

    I would just like to give full praise to Melbourne Real Estate – MRE. I have been in Real Estate for 20 years and our industry definitely needs to lift its game. During Covid I have been absolutely mortified at the behavior of some agents. So it has been a refreshing change dealing with Melbourne Real Estate. They clearly have excellent Management in place because their service is next level, efficient, brilliant communication and zero attitude. Couldn’t be more impressed. Thank you Joshua & Nina!

  • Regards, Sharon Anderson – 24, June, 2020

    Brilliant the most professional group of people who do their job brilliantly

  • Regards, Zeyu Du – 24, June, 2020

    Great renting experience with this real estate. If u have any questions, they will respond to you immediately.

  • Regards, Greg Fields – 24, June, 2020

    I’d like to commend Tahlia Izlemek who was my real estate manager for my property in Richmond. Her experience and advice, her professionalism and her abilty to communicate effectively makes her a valuable asset for any organisation. Thanks Tahlia.

  • Regards, Georgina Lyons – 24, June, 2020

    We have just moved into our own property after renting an apartment for 5 years through Melbourne Real Estate. Our agent was Wendy Truong, Wendy was brilliant from the start, friendly, professional and responsive to anything we contacted her about. I can not recommend Wendy highly enough.

  • Regards, Sai Cherukupalli – 24, June, 2020

    MRE is one of the very few companies I have dealt with where I believe that good processes and good people have come together in helping people – both tenants and land lords.

    Jeremy has been very responsive to my queries, is never in rush to wrap up the phone calls and always willing to help.

    Keep up the good work team.

  • Regards, Zoha Alizadeh Fard – 16, June, 2020

    I had great experience with MRE as a tenant during covid-19. Tahlia is a great agent who is proactive and professional. My previous agent through MRE was quite hopeless and I think that is why MRE took her off.

  • Regards, Vishal Mahajan – 12, June, 2020

    Thank you to Melbourne Real Estate, especially to the property manager, Iris Kathuria, for being incredibly supportive and informative. A thorough professional, Iris has provided me with a positive experience that has been seamless. Highly recommend Melbourne Real Estate – a team with great core values.

  • Regards, Andrew Themis – 12, June, 2020

    Professional and pro-active team with exceptional service.

  • Regards, Greg Frazer – 12, June, 2020

    Wendy Truong from Melbourne Real Estate is an absolute gem. She has managed my property for a number of years and has always been the ultimate professional. During the current covid 19 pandemic we had problems with our tenants. Wendy just sorted everything out in a calm and collected manner that obviously took all our stress away. I would highly recommend MRE and Wendy.

  • Regards, Richard Lim – 12, June, 2020

    During these difficult times, our estate agent Nina Sidari has been responsive and really helpful especially when it came to dealing with the tenants who were leaving. The process of finding another tenant was also steamline and efficient. Many thanks Nina!

  • Regards, Alan Chong – 12, June, 2020

    Have dealt with the team in both a sale and rental. Very professional, prompt and comprehensive!

  • Regards, Chris Efthimiou – 12, June, 2020

    The team at MRE were terrific throughout the whole process of leasing our property. We were under tremendous time pressures and Stephen, Tahlia and the team did a great job of marketing our property, engaging the right prospective tenants and ultimately securing a great couple to lease our apartment in a timely fashion. Importantly, their communication was fantastic throughout the whole process. Great job everyone involved!

  • – 5, June, 2020

    I have been using MRE for the past 5 years and have never had a bad experience. Most recently I have had the honor of having Danielle Hitchens as my agent. Always punctual and professional and a pleasure to deal with. Prior to this I used Matthew, who I can say the same about. Matthew is awesome. Great prompt service.

  • Regards, Jackson Fairchild – 28, May, 2020

    As a new tenant of Melbourne Real Estate I couldn’t be happier. Nina and her team have been super efficient, responsive and welcoming throughout the application and approval process, demonstrating a very high level of integrity.

  • Regards, Nelum Piyasena – 28, May, 2020

    Thank you Melbourne Real Estate for renting our property very efficiently during these difficult times. Your persistence and effort helped getting the work done. The credit goes to Alexander Wright of Melbourne Real estate. He did a great job finding a reliable tenant for our property. Thanks Alex great achievement.

  • Regards, Danielle Crooks – 22, May, 2020

    We have used MRE to manage our investment property for many years. Our property mgr-Rosie has been amazing for us. We have peace of mind knowing that she follows up everything and always keeps us informed. Particularly now with the current climate of uncertainty with dealing with Covid 19. She has guided us to make the right decision by informing us of our obligations in regards to being fair with our tenant and also helping our tenant out with information throughout the hardship he has endured too. I highly recommend.

  • Regards, Keenan Cohalan – 18, May, 2020

    Thank you to Melbourne Real Estate! Especially to the property manager, Kathy Wang, for being incredibly supportive, informative and outstanding. She has provided me with a positive experience that deserves to be acknowledged and I’m happy to have her as my property manager. Thank you for everything Kathy. And thank you as well Melbourne Real Estate for presenting yourselves with great core values.

  • Regards, Michelle Cheng – 18, May, 2020

    Alex Wright at Melbourne Real Estate is super helpful and professional, excellent and timely communication.

  • Regards, Callum Michener – 18, May, 2020

    MRE and their Property Managers have been absolute professionals for the entire journey. Thank you

  • Regards, Ma Jieyu – 18, May, 2020

    Jake Hu and Richard are one of the best agent that I have ever meet! they did a great job in helping me to find the new tanents in a short time(1 week) during covid-19 while I am away from Melbourne!!! They have not only arrange the inspections but also the check out cleaning, repairing and fix all the mess left by the previous company! I do really appreciate for all the efforts they had made : )

  • Regards, Keith Chen – 18, May, 2020

    Jessica, Jeremy, Stephen and their team have done an outstanding job managing my clients investment properties in the CBD and inner suburbs. Their has provided very insightful and strategic advice in the marketing and positioning an investment property to get the highest rent possible. They are very responsive, proactive and professional when working with local and overseas clients. Definitely one of the top rental property agents in Melbourne’s property market. 👍

  • Regards, Tracy Cheung – 18, May, 2020

    Caitlin is my property manager and she has been really helpful and professional during this Covid crisis. She handled really well on the rent arrangement between me and the landlord. Really appreciate her effort along the way!

  • Regards, Jack Chuang – 18, May, 2020

  • Regards, Albert Edward – 18, May, 2020

    I can not speak highly enough of Grace from Melbourne Real Estate My Son had moved to Melbourne from Hobart and was due to move into an Apartment in Prahan The night before moving in my Son was rushed to Alfred Hospital I rang Grace to inform her and to let her know that his Furniture was arriving as well Grace took control rang the Removalist and met them the next day to arrange for the furniture to moved in the Apartment Fantastic service from Grace and Melbourne Real Estate

  • Regards, Madeleine – 18, May, 2020

  • Regards, Geo F – 18, May, 2020

  • Regards, Daniel Gibney – 18, May, 2020

    Stephanie was great. Very professional & efficient. She held an open for inspection very quickly, her background checks on new tenants was very detailed & she went above & beyond to help us lease our property.

  • Regards, Abby Yu – 17, March, 2020

    Had MRE managing my rental properties for more than 2 yrs. They are the best agents I had ever use. Quick response plus super professional. With problems coming up, they can always get things fixed without me worrying. Thanks to everyone at MRE especially my pm Jean and Kathy!

  • Regards, Jason Kloszynski – 17, March, 2020

    MRE have managed my property for several years now following a poor experience with a previous well known Property Management Group. My interactions with Samantha Brownlee, Alex Wright and Stephen Fitzsimon have been outstanding – above and beyond service levels including valuable regular communication. I cannot recommend them enough.

  • Regards, Daniel Busch – 3, March, 2020

    Good professional service – helped to quickly rent out property I purchased recently.

  • Regards, Layla Badirkhani – 3, March, 2020

    My experience with Melbourne Real Estate has been outstanding. Danielle Hitchens is my property manager and is extremely professional, reliable and super friendly. She is always prompt in helping me out with any questions or queries I may have. I’m extremely happy with the service Danielle has provided me and I would highly recommend her. Thankyou!

  • Regards, Brett Spencer – 3, March, 2020

    I had a few problems with my previous Property Manager in St.Kilda who couldn’t rent my property for over 8 weeks (after having problems with 2 consecutive tenants) and then moved to Danielle & MRE (she already managed a couple of other properties for me) and she got it rented in under 2 weeks. Danielle is fantastic and the service is phenomenal. I am now thinking of moving the rest of my portfolio over to her to manage.

  • Regards, Kieve Chow – 3, March, 2020

  • Regards, Geoff Shields – 27, February, 2020

    Alex provides excellent service

  • Regards, Peter Papadopoulos – 26, February, 2020

    Had great experiences dealing with Ashleigh during my tenancy. She was always happy to deal with any questions I had and was very professional. Thanks for everything again, Ashleigh!

  • Regards, Tim Bartley – 21, February, 2020

    Very helpful, enthusiastic team

  • Regards, Hwee Ngee Goh – 21, February, 2020

    I am impressed by the services provided by both the Property Management and Sales Team at MRE. Jake Hu from the Sales team has done an amazing job at closing the sales of my property within a short period of time. Your can-do attitude and prompt replies are very much appreciated. A big thank you to Samuel Chaabani for being proactive with the management of the property. I highly recommend their services.

  • Regards, Jonathon Pittas – 20, February, 2020

    The team at Melbourne Real Estate are a world class organisation who have provided me the best real estate customer service I have experienced. Isabella Morel is a delight to deal with and has always been highly diligent, respectful and has shown genuine care for our business relationship over the past couple of years. I look forward to continue working with Melbourne Real Estate in future and strongly recommend anyone in the market to seek out their services and I have already recommended to family and friends.

  • Regards, Cathie Andy – 19, February, 2020

    Great efficient agent with really fast responses. My agent Jeff Chen especially, who has been super helpful and professional, did a great job communicating between me and the landlord. 100% satisfaction! Thank you again Jeff!

  • Regards, Joe Hiscox – 19, February, 2020

    Melbourne real estate also a service far beyond that of the majority of real estate agents. Not only do they have friendly staff at the inspections who have fantastic knowledge of the property, facilities and surrounding area stores and services the staff that handle and manage applications are all fantastic. Throughout the entire process of renting a property through MRE I receive text messages and Emails keeping me informed on the progress of my application and once approved My assigned a property manager was very understanding friendly and professional in arranging an appointment to sign the lease. I would highly recommend when you’re looking to rent a new property to use Melbourne real estate as this service is second to none

  • Regards, Donabella Mitzi – 19, February, 2020

    MRE is highly recommended. Especially the property manager Dannielle Hitchens, she’s been so helpful with every enquiries I had and giving fast responses.

  • Regards, Kim C – 18, February, 2020

    It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Melbourne Real Estate and in particular Amy. Any maintenance we required or questions we have had in relation to the property have always been dealt with promptly and politely (Amy’s emails are always so friendly). We hope that when we return to Melbourne, we can find a property through your agency again. Thank you!

  • Regards, Tiana Burns – 18, February, 2020

    I had the pleasure to have Jake & Josh as my agents buying a property. Extremely helpful, professional & lovely. The whole team demonstrate clear work ethic with genuine care to do well by their clients. Wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend.

  • Regards, Pomana Tsang – 14, February, 2020

    I am super happy with Dallas professionalism and how she handle difficult situations very well. Thank you and highly recommended MRE.

  • Regards, Alexandra Kay – 14, February, 2020

    I’ve been a tenant with MRE for over 15 months now and they would have to be the best real estate agent I have ever dealt with. Our property manager, Dallas, handles every matter promptly and with the up most professionalism.

  • Regards, Tanya – 14, February, 2020

    I am super impressed with MRE, and my dealings with Jessica Felicia and Alexander Wright, they have both been fantastic to deal with. They sorted out a few issues with my property, some I wasn’t even aware of, due to poor prior management. Great communication, professional, responsive and organised. So glad I made the change. I feel my property is now actually getting looked after. Thank you!

  • Regards, Thilini Punzi – 23, January, 2020

    Fantastic, reliable and personal service from Joshua and team. Would highly recommend their services for any of your real estate needs.

  • Regards, K Downey – 22, January, 2020

    Highly recommend Melbourne Real Estate; professional staff with great attitudes.

  • Regards, Alf D'Souza – 26, November, 2019

  • Regards, Siva Prasad – 19, November, 2019

    I have rented with Melbourne real estate for two consecutive years. The staff is professional and very helpful. They are open and transparent during move-in and move-out time.

  • Regards, Christopher Leong – 8, October, 2019

    Have recently made a switch from separate property management firms to a consolidated arrangement with MRE for a number of my investment properties. Am thoroughly satisfied with the support and services that I’ve since received from MRE across the properties concerned. Grateful for the close engagement provided and thankful for having made the switch.

  • Regards, Andy Hansen – 27, August, 2019

    MRE are absolutely fantastic to work with. They have removed all the fear, frustration and fuss. 10/10 service and support.

  • Regards, Gillian Jia – 6, August, 2019

    MRE helped renting out my apartment right on the time we agreed on. I’m impressed by the professionalism and effectiveness the representative demonstrated during the journey. The service I’ve experienced from MRE is more than what I expected, which made me peace of mind. MRE  提供给我专业、及时、周到的服务,作为房东,我真正可以做到无忧,非常感谢!

  • Regards, Mark Borrelli – 15, July, 2019

    I highly recommend MRE as a real estate agent to manage my investment property. They have been professional in their due diligence with my property and this makes my association with MRE uncomplicated and effortless.

  • Regards, Shuang Leona Ma – 10, July, 2019

    Very professional and dedicated team.

  • Regards, JD Swan – 1, July, 2019

    MRE are amazing. They take care of everything – the customer service is flawless. So impressed.

  • Regards, Ian Brockwell – 19, June, 2019

  • Regards, Kez Murphy – 29, April, 2019

    Highly recommend for landlords looking for a professional and capable team to look after your properties. I have also been a tenant with MRE and found them a pleasure to deal with. Their app is also great which allows you to access all the details of your properties with ease.

  • Regards, Saw Fan Lim – 26, April, 2019

  • Regards, Jenny Jiang – 19, December, 2018

    Very experience management and very good service

  • Regards, Lui Laco – 11, December, 2018

    Very professional…always keeping us updated. Very happy with their service

  • Regards, Karen Wong – 3, December, 2018

    Excellent service.

  • Regards, Peter – 27, November, 2018

    More than happy with their personal approach and professional attitude.

  • Regards, Stui James – 27, November, 2018

    I have utilised the services of MRE for the past 8 years, in the management of my rental property in Box Hill. I have been extremely satisfied with the consistent service and professionalism of the property managers who have taken care of my property. Over the time I have recommended MRE to some friends who were for a time using them to manage their property. I can highly recommend MRE as a credible and professional estate agent and property manager.

  • Regards, Ebrar Karagoz – 13, November, 2018

    I am very happy with Melbourne Real Estate. It is very professional, excellent service, great staff and managers. They defiently help and look after their customers.

  • Regards, Thomas Walkley – 12, November, 2018

    Very happy and satisfied with MRE. Great service and great people. Keep it up!

  • Regards, Rafa M. – 11, October, 2018

    Perfect! Congrats to Melbourne Real Estate Team

  • Regards, Yelena Shmelyova – 10, October, 2018

    Excellent service, prompt attention to inquiries or concerns. I am very happy to be the client and would recommend to friends and family.

  • Regards, Simon Alvarez – 3, October, 2018

    Happy to recommend Melbourne Real Estate to prospective tenants.

    They provided a very professional service since the day a signed my lease

    The team are quick to respond to requests, being maintenance or otherwise, and resolve issues in a timely manner….

  • Regards, Zeeshan Ali – 3, October, 2018

    Great service

  • Regards, Sophie – 3, October, 2018

    Firstly I’d like to say that everyone I have been in contact with has been very friendly and knowledgeable. Being a first time landlord it’s been heartwarming to know that there are know stupid questions. I would highly recommend using Melbourne Real Estate to anyone who wants agents that are honest, reliable and friendly. They’ve been an absolute delight to work with.

  • Regards, Son Nguyen – 21, September, 2018

    Hi tenants, Im currently using MRE services so I have to say they provides acceptable price and less paperwork.

  • Regards, Marilou Tol – 21, September, 2018

  • Regards, Michee Anesco – 4, September, 2018

    Melbourne Real Estate is a very professional team of Property Managers. I’ve been a client with MRE for over 3 years now and I sometimes forget that I have an investment property. They will contact you when there is a problem and will already have suggestions for you to fix the problems. We have another investment property that is managed by another Real Estate Agent but how I wish MRE is also looking after that property, due to the location MRE is unable to manage our second property. I can tell the HUGE difference in terms of service and professionalism between the two Real Estate Agents. Thank you MRE!

  • Francesca Elischer – 22, August, 2018

    Melbourne Real Estate have provided an outstanding service – friendly, efficient and timely response to all our concerns as tenants. I would not hesitate to recommend them!

  • Bronwyn Webster – 22, August, 2018

    Melbourne Real Estate made my experience of looking for new place to live seamless and pleasant. The use of new internet technology made it easy to view properties, and to book appointments for viewing. The staff were prompt to respond to queries, excellent communicators and all the required paperwork was simple to complete.

  • Rod Smith – 14, June, 2018

    A cool company! Have always found MRE to be a very proactive service provider.

  • Ian Fagan – 14, June, 2018

    Excellent communication. Responsive and gives great advice. As a landlord, we are in good hands.

  • John Van Dyke – 27, April, 2018

    Highly recommend melb. Real estate

  • Lui Laco – 27, April, 2018

    Very professional…always keeping us updated. Very happy with their service

  • Regards, Tony Tan – 23, April, 2018

  • Regards, Sam Gawenda – 23, April, 2018

    I would not use any other business to look after my property portfolio. I have and will continue to recommend Melbourne Real Estate to all.

  • Regards, Refkat Kaisaier – 23, April, 2018

    They are the best agency I ever deal with.

  • Dean De Munk – 18, April, 2018

    Very happy with prompt service for my new investment property. Leased very quickly with quality feedback provided along the way. I highly recommend.

  • Chris Goo – 16, April, 2018

    Very recommended for quick respond and service.

  • Madeleine – 9, April, 2018

  • Pietro Failli – 4, April, 2018

  • Lily Manning – 5, March, 2018

  • Jason Lodge – 18, January, 2018

    Very professional and efficient agent to deal with. All enquirers were handled quickly and effectively. Great service.

  • Simone Liong – 12, January, 2018

    We have been with MRE for around a year. The team has been great! Even though they have changed a few property manager to service us, the transition has been seamless.

  • Peter Oesch – 2, January, 2018

    MRE is a truly professional and reliable company I have used for over a year and I am very happy with the service and interaction. All good and no complaint at all. Their staff are superb, on the ball, professional and friendly.

  • Michaela Dawson – 22, December, 2017

    I’ve transitioned from a boarding school (graduated from high school in 2016) to a shared apartment with my parent. MRE has made this transition very easy due to the fact that this my first time “adulting” properly. Although I had to do a lot of the tenant work myself due to the fact that my parent was in a different country, my first agent was very helpful with the process and made it very easy for me. They’re a great realestate agency and I’d definitely recommend this agency to your friends or family regardless if they’re new to buying or renting or if they’re fully experienced in the process.

  • Dale Gaynor – 11, December, 2017

    My first experience with MRE has so far been simple and highly professional. From the inspection through to the application process and finally the paperwork, we have enjoyed a worry free handling of our search for a new place to live. Recommended!

  • Terri Dunkley – 6, December, 2017

    Every time I walk into the office I get greeted by a warm friendly smile. The staff are always willing to go that extra mile to help you out, which I really appreciate. I recommend all my friends to Melbourne Real Estate as I know they will be well taken care of!

  • Andrew Shillinglaw – 23, November, 2017

    As a supplier of building maintenance services to Melbourne Real Estate, they make my life easy with there professional attitude and expectation of the best the result for both tenant and landlord. I would highly recommend them for all real estate needs.

  • Marcus Ooi – 9, November, 2017

    Everyone is friendly and professional to deal with. And communication level is just right – not too much and not too little.

  • Megan Green – 27, October, 2017

    Thank you for allowing us into your office yesterday, an awesome experience that we are grateful for! Keep smashing it!

  • Lauren Ostler – 23, October, 2017

    Fantastic service from start to finish. Melbourne Real Estate stand out above any agency I’ve ever used and I will be recommending them to my friends and family!

  • Bandula Attanayake – 15, September, 2017

    We are really happy to have such a professional and friendly person like Jessica at Melbourne Real Estate to look after our property at Pearl, Doncaster. We have no hesitation to recommend her to any one who need property management service. Thanks Jessica

  • SweeLan Chan – 13, September, 2017

    Most satisfied with the level of service provided – excellent –

  • Nhut Quang Tran – 13, September, 2017

  • Vivek Venkatraman Krishnan – 4, September, 2017

    I would definitely recommend Melbourne Real Estate for renting a property. They send out regular updates about the status of your application on both e-mail and sms. The property manager was really professional and patiently answered all the questions I had about the property. Very impressed with their service

  • Angelica Franco – 21, August, 2017

    Excellent Real Estate, very professional staff. Highly recommended.

  • Owen Williams – 21, July, 2017

    The team at Melbourne Real Estate exceed industry expectations with their customer service.

  • Daival Patel – 20, July, 2017

  • Haroon Raees – 19, July, 2017

    Fantastic attitude and service standards. I’d highly recommend MRE for your property care!

  • Avira Mahabage – 19, July, 2017

    Very friendly staff and great customer service, moving made easy.

  • elham eslahi – 19, July, 2017

  • Ella Martin – 19, July, 2017

    Great Real Estate Agent

  • CASTIEL DENG – 19, July, 2017

  • Hayden Short – 19, July, 2017

    Friendly staff, the whole process of signing a lease was handled with ease and professionalism, best Real Estate agency I have dealt with by far!

  • Joanna Iain Elie Curtis – 18, July, 2017

    Very professional.

  • Mina Saravani – 18, July, 2017

    Very impressed with the service and efficiency of Melbourne Real Estate. Highly recommend.

  • Cristian Biotto – 12, July, 2017

    We have always been happy with Melbourne Real Estate as tenants. They offer very professional customer service and reply to queries and issues in a timely and effective way.

  • Kylie Anne McArdell – 12, July, 2017

    MRE have been absolutely brilliant to deal with. I would highly recommend them in any Real Estate transaction whether renting, selling or buying!

  • Sandeep Bade – 12, July, 2017

  • Jimmy Ho – 12, July, 2017

    A great service and communication.

  • Ilya Milshtein – 12, July, 2017

    I’ve got really great customer experience with these guys. Easy to deal with, very helpful and responsive!

  • Kim Ooi – 12, July, 2017

    very friendly agents with efficient services and responses!

  • Matthew Clarke – 12, July, 2017

    MRE have always provided excellent service, and excellent tenants for our property, great to them again secure a tenant for us at 38 Albert Road, great work Team MRE.

  • Adam Rudd – 12, July, 2017

    Always prompt and professional with requests and questions I have around the apartment I’m renting. Thanks a bunch!

  • Hetal Patel – 12, July, 2017

    Phenomenal service. Awesome company and staff, always looked after me.

  • Jordan Kagan Gescheit – 12, July, 2017

    The staff at MRE have gone above and beyond to make my life easier. My experience using their service has been really positive and I couldn’t thank them enough. I highly recommend them!

  • Jason Radolnik – 12, July, 2017

    It has been a pleasure working with MRE and their team of professionals. I look forward to continuing to work with them for many more years to come. Thanks for the fantastic experience and service!

  • Anthony White – 12, July, 2017

    I have had the pleasure of dealing with Melbourne Real Estate for many years now. As a Building Management Company we liaise closely with real estate agents on a regular basis and I have come across none better to deal with than the team at MRE. Their friendly, professional and knowledgeable approach is quite refreshing and certainly provides positive outcomes for both the management team and for the tenants and owners of MRE run apartments. I look forward to continuing to work with them into the future. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

  • Sam Babalis – 12, July, 2017

    A specialised group of people facilitating their clients to make smarter real estate decisions. They are trail blazers leaving the competition behind when it comes to Real Estate.

  • Cameron Norris – 28, June, 2017

    I have been very pleased with my ongoing dealings with MRE. The service has been professional and courteous. I would highly recommend them.

  • Brigitte L – 28, June, 2017

    MRE is a pleasure to work with! Their amazing team is always friendly and willing to assist. I highly recommend their services.

  • Jane Perry – 28, June, 2017

    MRE are quite simply the benchmark for which I now judge other businesses. While other companies purport to focus on customer satisfaction, the staff at MRE each deliver over and above on it, consistently exceeding expectations with a single minded zeal borne as much from enormous company pride as incentivisation. They are a genuine joy to deal with .

  • Dan Gammon – 28, June, 2017

    Fantastic real estate agency to deal with. Experts in everything that they do.

  • Gregor Vogel – 28, June, 2017

    MRE provide fantastic customer service and always go the extra mile. Their sleek iphone app makes reviewing the statements a breeze and I know they are only one phone call away if I have any queries or need any assistance. I highly recommend MRE to anyone looking for professional property management!

  • Paul Levy – 28, June, 2017

    Always professional!

  • Eddie Letico – 28, June, 2017

    Excellent customer service with professional staff. Highly recommend to anyone that is in search of Real Estate company that is passionate about performing and acting in an ethical way.

  • Jackson Christie – 28, June, 2017

    MRE are a very professional and easy to deal with business. I fully recommend them to anyone considering real-estate in Melbourne. The team is always a pleasure to deal with.

  • Connie Karkatzoulis – 28, June, 2017

    We are always impressed by the professional manner in which Melbourne Real Estate conduct their business. They answer all our inquiries immediately and pay all their invoices on time. A pleasure to work with. 🙂

  • Amanda Virtu – 28, June, 2017

    Where do I start? The experience we have with the team at MRE is always an above and beyond one. Nothing is ever to hard and they all show such professionalism and passion for the industry and their customers which is rare to find. You won’t be disappointed with the extra mile that they always go!

  • Ashraful Mohammed – 26, April, 2017

    Just wanted to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for all your assistance throughout our leasing process. I really appreciated how you all were on top of things and how you kept me informed every step of the way. Awesome teamwork guys. Thank you very much.

  • Henry I – 26, April, 2017

    Very good service and friendly staff. They provided me real good service and refunded full bond in the end.

  • Justine Li – 26, April, 2017

  • Sun Leeb – 26, April, 2017

    I have an investment property in Melbourne but I live in Sydney. It was a recommended agent by the builder but I should say we are so lucky to be with them. They provide excellent managements and update me with very accurate records on regular basis.

  • Giulia Sicari – 26, April, 2017

    Very helpful staff always happy to help.

  • Matthew Cust – 19, April, 2017

    Melbourne Real Estate has been managing our property for several years and we have found their service to be exemplary

  • Eugene Lim – 19, April, 2017

    We have been using MRE for a while now and we are absolutely happy with their services and managing of our property. Keep up the good work!

  • Russell Owen – 18, April, 2017

  • Heather Fabel – 10, April, 2017

  • Justine Coleman – 28, March, 2017

    The best agents I have ever dealt with. Usually being a ‘renter’ you don’t receive such great service. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks again

  • Clarabelle Lee – 5, January, 2017

    They are pretty amazing! Good customer service!

  • Yvonne Li – 21, December, 2016

    Great Service. Found tenants within 5 days. SOOOOOO efficient and good communication. 100% HIGHLY recommend.

  • Prince Singh – 13, December, 2016

  • Marcus Liddle – 30, November, 2016

  • Wenyu Jiang – 30, November, 2016

    Have been with MRE for about two years , first as a tenant, and then as an owner. They are extremely professional and have provided tremendous help. Basically as a client all you need to do is sign your name and they take care everything. Great service.

  • Vanda Strange – 7, November, 2016

    Hi Team at MRE – South Yarra, I just want to thank you for the professional way you went about finding my tenant so quickly and within a rental rate that I was happy with. Your assistance, albeit I probably made it a little hard for you as I was not the most organised person, made the experience a really good one and the process a very simple one. Also your ongoing management of my apartment has been great. Once again THANK YOU

  • Josh Clough – 2, November, 2016

    Very professional and efficient real estate agency. Excellent service and communication throughout the tenancy signup process, making for a smooth and hassle free experience. Compared with most other Melbourne real estate agents, MRE are way ahead, both in terms of quality of staff and property portfolio.

  • Steve Hallam – 1, November, 2016

    We were really impressed with the speed in which MRE and the team we worked with turned around our application to meet our personal deadline from moving from a different property. Great service!

  • Oscar Sheng – 28, October, 2016

    Very good service, very professional agents.

  • Jo & Rich Cutler – 22, September, 2016


  • Yuran Wu – 21, September, 2016

  • Dean M – 21, September, 2016

    As the print marketing partner to Melbourne Real Estate Neo has always found the team at MRE professional and engaging. Always progressive in their outlook on marketing and ensuring that together we present the best possible quality materials for their clients.

  • Greg Corfield – 21, September, 2016

    All my interactions with the team at Melbourne Real Estate are easy and positive. They are clearly professionals at the top of their game.

  • Connie Thong – 13, September, 2016

    Good service, will continue to use Melbourne Real Estate as my agent.

  • Ng Poh Choo – 7, September, 2016

    Fast communication and efficient. I honestly appreciate their good services. It was beyond my expectation.

  • Nicklots Lim – 30, August, 2016

  • Fiona Blayney – 15, August, 2016

    Professional, passionate, generous of time and knowledge. Meticulous, technically astute, authentic, client result focused, and just simply awesome people. Some of the words I would use to describe the cutting edge team that is Melbourne Real Estate. Thank you for being a shining star for the industry and your clients alike.

  • 卫万成 – 3, August, 2016

    This agency is awesome! They process any issues in time and very fast. I am very pleased to let this agency rent out my apartment for one year. I believe this is the best property agency in the Melbourne!

  • Bruno Poli – 14, July, 2016

  • Clovis Palmer – 6, June, 2016

    Great area. Close to everything. Relatively quiet. Love the new modern styles and friendly and professional reps.

  • James Johnstone – 5, June, 2016

  • Tiong Meng Goh – 5, June, 2016

    Super efficient, attentive to details, very updated with marketing techniques and excellent support staff. I cannot ask for more.

  • Brea Bugeja – 9, May, 2016

  • Rohan Harrap – 2, May, 2016

    I really value simple and straight-forward service and MRE give me this. I really find their online property management system easy to use. A recent addition is video property inspection reports – these are such an easy way to see the true condition of my properties and are a great innovation. I can’t speak highly enough of the team and their focus on customers.

  • Rachel Derrico – 2, May, 2016

  • Wiriadi Saputra – 10, April, 2016

    I changed the management of rental of my properties to Melbourne Real Estate last year. It was a very right decision. I really love the way MRE deliver the services and ensure that the properties are always in good shape. I write this review to express my appreciation and thankful to MRE. Keep the good work!

  • Alex Loh Jyek Yuan – 10, April, 2016

    Great Job !!!

    MRE team manages my property beyond my expectations…
    Keep up the good work..

  • Rick Squibb – 4, April, 2016

    Friendly, professional service. Great staff, highly recommend Melbourne Real Estate.

  • Kelly May – 29, March, 2016

    Melbourne Real Estate have gone above and beyond for me! Both managing my property and selling. Highly recommend!

  • Vivek V K – 3, March, 2016

    I would definitely recommend Melbourne Real Estate for renting a property. They send out regular updates about the status of your application on both e-mail and sms. The property manager was really professional and patiently answered all the questions I had about the property. Very impressed with their service.

  • Sarah McLaren – 29, February, 2016

    The process was quick and easy and the staff is very nice.

  • Ben Austin – 15, February, 2016

    The process was seamless and far quicker than we imagined. Their willingness to do things differently so our house was seen was especially good. Photos, video, copy was all very professional as is the app they offer which manages your lease. They took the stress out of what potentially could be a very stressful experience.

  • Klear Picture – 2, February, 2016

    Truly excellent customer service. Video walk throughs are impressive. Speed of response is remarkable. They know their market and I feel confident they will look after my properties.

  • Albert Johnson – 20, January, 2016

    As a landlord I would certainly recommend Melbourne Real Estate. They recently managed the re-letting of a property and achieved an exceptional rental return in only days. They were courteous and professional and we will certainly use them in the future. An excellent result.

  • Jyotsna Janardan – 12, January, 2016

    We rented a property last week and we have been amazed by the wonderful service provided by Melbourne Real Estate staff.

  • John Dunkley – 12, January, 2016

    Friendly, professional, easily the best agents I have dealt with.

  • Jon Traynor – 6, January, 2016

    One of the best businesses I’ve dealt with in Melbourne. Proactive and professional they provide exceptional service. Have recommended to friends looking to lease/sell their properties A+.

  • Manali Girdhar – 2, December, 2015

    My wife and I was looking for a comfortable home after spending 8 months living in Melbourne cbd.. And with that thought in mind we started looking for some good spacious apartments. Been to few property agents, applied for many properties around but finally we were introduced to Melbourne Real estate and inspected this beautiful apartment where we are now moving in. I am so happy and excited for it and I really appreciate the efforts put in by the Melbourne real estate to make it easy and simple.

  • Varoon Single – 19, November, 2015

    Having compared various others in the market, MRE totally stands out with its costs, service and promptness. Within one consult you will notice the quality. I highly recommend.

  • James Crumpton – 16, November, 2015

    Great experience with Melbourne Real Estate. They have been attentive, courteous and professional at all times!

  • Alan Kinder – 15, October, 2015

    The team at Melbourne Real Estate are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Professional, precise and personal service.

  • Jane Brushfield – 8, October, 2015

    Melbourne Real Estate is a truly impressive business. Each member of staff I have dealt with has been incredibly professional and passionate about their work; they share a clear vision of business success and they are all totally committed to achieving this shared goal. On each occasion that I have dealt with Melbourne Real Estate, it’s been a pleasure.

  • Eddie Letico – 29, September, 2015

    Excellent and efficient client service, professional in Property Sales and Property Management.
    Highly recommend as a Real Estate Agent, great staff with great work ethics.

  • Mauro Tolli – 29, September, 2015

    We wish to thank the Property Management team at Melbourne Real Estate for your professional and caring nature, the continual support from the staff, and always delivering a prompt and timely communication to both of us… especially the support from Adriarna, Stephen, to name a few.

    Thanks so much – our last tenant certainly has been a dream..and I’m sure the next tenant!

    I would recommend Melb Real Esate services to anyone looking for a trouble-free, professional and above all, friendly experience in property management!

  • James Braund – 29, September, 2015

    The stand out for me are the staff at Melbourne Real Estate. MRE recruit the right people.

    Their adherence to quality, openness to feedback and ability to deliver results is outstanding.

  • Shaun Farrell – 29, September, 2015

    Our business has worked closely with Melbourne Real Estate for a number of years in both sales and property management, and cannot recommend them highly enough. Through working with many agencies over our company history, we can safely safe that MRE places one of the highest priorities on recruiting only the best staff, and providing the best possible service for their clients.

  • Jordan Kagan Gescheit – 23, September, 2015

    The staff at Melbourne Real Estate are fantastic to deal with. I work with them closely on a business to business level and they are always eager to assist me ensuring the best level of service is provided to their Landlords and Tenants.

  • Sam Babalis – 23, September, 2015

    Having dealt with several agents in the area regarding apartments for sale & lease, the team at MRE I found to be the ultimate professionals. Not only do they specialise in apartments and South Yarra but the service was above and beyond my expectations. We purchased our apartment through them and have engaged them to manage it for our clients now. Just like my favourite cafe that makes the perfect coffee, we were happy to pay a slightly higher fee because the others were charging the same for a service that did not exist. Thanks MRE STAFF! We highly recommend their services.

  • Adam Wulff – 23, September, 2015

    The team at Wulff Projects appreciates the efforts of the Melbourne Real Estate team, led by Peter Hooymans, in regularly securing outstanding results on our behalf. We would have no hesitation in recommending other vendors to engage Melbourne Real Estate for the sale or management of their residential property.

  • Kylie Croot – 23, September, 2015

    I have worked with the team at Melbourne Real Estate for around 6 months – they engaged me to support them with implementing an Employee Recognition and Reward program utilising our software Redii. From the get-go it was clear to me that this is a fresh, innovative business that is going places. I’ve really enjoyed working with the GM and his team for a number of reasons, but particularly because this is clearly a group of people whom put integrity at the top of the agenda. Their communication is authentic and upfront and the way in which they have conducted business with me has been refreshing.
    I met a few of the team on a visit to Melbourne recently and was engaged in some great, thought provoking conversation about the real estate sector and also the importance of growing a people-centric business. The team are clearly passionate about creating an awesome environment that will in turn serve their customers and I can’t wait to see them grow!

  • Jane Perry – 21, September, 2015

    I’ve had the unmitigated pleasure of working with Adriarna Nunn and meeting the majority of the MRE team in the last month. I am yet to encounter a more cohesive, genuinely motivated crew of people. The overarching sentiment at MRE is to continually exceed client expectations and the service bar is constantly being raised. As an organisation, MRE’s obvious commitment to staff development makes for enthusiastic employees with a personal investment in the company’s success. It is heartening to see that tenants, so often treated as inconsequential, are looked after with exactly the same care as owner investors. I would have absolutely no hesitation in using and recommending all their services.

  • Todd Breen – 31, July, 2015

    I’ve worked with the entire team at Melbourne real estate since 2012 and can honestly say they deserve every award they’ve ever won! I sincerely recommend them to anyone who has property in Melbourne – you won’t be disappointed.

  • Andrew Torney – 11, June, 2015

    After moving to Sydney I was recommended MRE by a friend to manage my rental property and couldn’t be happier. Great service and friendly staff, very professional and will be recommending to my family and friends!

  • Alpha14 Property Group – 5, May, 2015

    To whom it may concern,

    We have had the pleasure of working with the Property Management division of Melbourne Real Estate for the last 4 years.

    MRE have assisted our company, Alpha14Property Group, with the leasing of our newly settled developments and have serviced our purchasers who have required property management and leasing services to an exceptionally high standard.

    To-date, what stands out about our relationship with MRE is their complete transparency and hunger to deliver on their stated outcomes. MRE are prepared to throw significant resources to over-service a client than risk the service offering falling flat. This is a rare thing to find amongst 3rd party relationships in the residential real estate and property management sector.

    They are building a business that pursues long-term success and they are very much changing how we and our clients perceive property management. We give MRE access to our project prior to completion and they try to ensure that they have the apartment rented out prior to settlement with renters moving in on settlement date. We will continue to work with Melbourne Real Estate on future projects.

    Yours sincerely,

    Toby Pope


  • Shane Regan – 16, November, 2014

    Twelve months ago my wife and I employed the services of Melbourne Real Estate to find a tenant for an apartment we had just purchased. This was a whole new world for us and when our initial 12 month tenant didn’t want to renew we were worried about when would the vacancy be filled etc. Thankfully we have had Laura Hewson, from Melbourne Real Estate acting on our behalf. Right from finding our initial tenant, inspections, any maintenance actions, documentation through to notifying us of a possible vacancy, Laura’s attention to detail and proactive approach have been most reassuring. When Laura knew of the need for a new tenant she acted quickly to inform us of possible tenants, the times they were viewing the apartment and their response to their veiwing. Her actions left us feeling reassured and informed. As a result of her actions we have a new tenant with only a one day vacancy between tenants. Laura has been most professional and informative for a pair of 1st time landlords. We are very grateful for the work she has done and for the manner in which Melbourne Real Estate employees have dealt with any of our queries over the past thirteen months.

  • Natashia Ting – 11, November, 2014

     Stephen Fitzsimon & Michael Tynan from Melbourne Real Estate gave me exceptional service! Stephen’s positive attitude and efficiency was second-to-none. He was always reachable, acted swiftly and gave sound advice. Plus he got me $400/wk more in rental than what my ‘local’ real estate agent quoted me. With nothing to gain for himself, Michael Tynan offered me local advice and helped me assess the market place when looking for my new home. These guys are professional, personable and always on the ball. Highly, highly recommended.

  • Whitney D – 6, October, 2014

    The Melbourne Real Estate team truly are a standout, never fail to go above and beyond the standard level of service in the industry. As a tenant, I was well looked after, privacy was respected and open communication was kept throughout our lease. There was a perfect balance between servicing the owner and us a tenants, was never one or the other- couldn’t fault them! Would recommend to both owner-occupiers and tenants alike. Leigh Edwards comes highly regarded, he’s by far the best Property Manager i’ve come across in the 6 years i’ve been renting. Any queries or concerns are followed up within a matter of hours- without fail. Very professional and friendly. We’ll be contacting Melbourne Real Estate to manage our investments in the near future.

  • Sophie Florance – 6, October, 2014

    As a renter in Melbourne, I’ve been through some shocking real estate agents. It has been so refreshing and helpful to deal with this agency and our agent Laura Scott. They always follow through, and follow up. I’m thankful we found them when we did and would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to rent in Melbourne. Thank you to the team at MRE for being pleasant, helpful and contactable. Your wonderful service is appreciated.

  • Natallie Bitsounis – 11, June, 2014

    “After struggling to lease my property through another agent, Melbourne Real Estate had my property leased within a matter of weeks. Stephen Fitzsimon provided me with well-informed and comprehensive advice including both an assessment of the current position of the property, advice on making small and cost effective improvements, as well as insight into longer term options. I have no hesitation in recommending MRE to anyone looking for a professional service with expert advice on property management. They have been a breath of fresh air to deal with.”

  • Claire Crowley – 8, April, 2014

    “Melbourne Real Estate managed the apartment I rented for the past 12 months. Leigh Edwards was my Property Manager and I was very impressed with the high level of service I received. Leigh and the team were very professional and responsive on any service and general queries I had during my tenancy, plus were very helpful making it easy and stress free for me when I moved out, for example recommending cleaners, organising the final inspection, sending me all paperwork I needed and having my bond refunded into my bank account so quickly! I have no hesitation at all in recommending Melbourne Real Estate to anyone looking to rent a property.”

  • Matthew Minucci – 11, June, 2014

    “Extremely positive experience. Cate Gleeson has been fantastic to deal with and very easy to talk to and raise issues with. Would definitely encourage people to deal with them.”

  • Rina Pranoto – 11, June, 2014

    “After a not-so-good experience with Melbourne Real Estate in 2013, my husband and I thought we would never deal with them again. However, when we were searching for a good Property Manager to look after our investment property, we came across Leigh Edwards from MRE who was highly recommended by our investment property’s Building Manager (and mind you, Building Managers do not always get along with Property Managers). And it was a good recommendation indeed. Communication skill ie. quick response, ability to articulate information in details to us as non-professionals in real estate industry, and the patience to do so are among the top qualities my husband and I look for in a Property Manager who we will have long-term relationship with. Leigh fits into our criteria, and we are very happy with the service quality he provides. I think a company’s service quality is defined by the people representing them, and we’re happy to give MRE 5 stars because of Leigh Edwards.”

  • Terry Wu – 30, May, 2014

    I have chosen MRE to manage my first investment property, a brand new apartment in South Melbourne. They were able to secure good quality tenants quickly for me and take care of my property with hassle free. The staff there are easy to deal with and are very responsive to my inquiries. I am very happy with their services.

  • Leonie West – 8, April, 2014

    My property manager is Laura Hewson and over the last six months I have experienced nothing but efficiency in the handling of my property i.e. firstly finding a suitable tenant and then having the rentals punctually on a monthly basis with detailed statements via email. Laura has also been helpful with any queries and always professional. I couldn’t be happier with the service I have received.

  • Dwight Ybanez – 8, April, 2014

    “My sister and I are very content with Melbourne Real Estate. It has been over six years since and our Property Managers: Leigh, Stephen and the team at Melbourne Real Estate has always exceeded our expectations on all matters and issues. They have been very supportive and understanding towards our needs. They are professional with extremely good customer services, they kept promises in a timely manner. They have been above and beyond our expectations. Thank you Leigh, Stephen and the team at Melbourne Real Estate.”

  • Bianca Caia – 3, June, 2014

    “I can honestly say the customer service I have received over the past few years has been above and beyond my expectations. I know I have no doubt been the “annoying” client asking a million questions over the years, but the service they have provided has been fantastic. I always know I will get an email back that day, even within a few hours and the emails are always informative and friendly. They honest with recommendations and provided me with some great buying options. I would highly recommend them to anyone that wants to purchase premium real estate and deal with the best real estate agents in the industry!”

  • Michael R Pintabona – 3, June, 2014

    I have been a long time tenant managed by Melbourne Real Estate and have found their responsiveness and customer service second to none. The team is also very friendly and has resolved any issues I’ve had (around maintenance and the like) quickly and with a smile.

  • Matthew Minucci – 3, June, 2014

    “Extremely positive experience. Cate Gleeson has been fantastic to deal with and very easy to talk to and raise issues with. Would definitely encourage people to deal with them.”

  • Annemieke Craig – 3, June, 2014

    “There is one thing I have little of and that is ‘time’. Leigh (and initially Stephen) have made the process of renting our property easy. It requires little time from me – as they do all the work – for which I am very grateful!”

  • Louis Carstens – 3, June, 2014

    “Melbourne Real Estate was recommended to us for our first investment property and we must honestly say it was the best decision we could have made. Everything is taken care of for us, we almost don’t realise we have an investment property. Very professional and they communicate at the right level with the appropriate amount of interaction as to not leave you wondering what is happening while not spamming you with information either. Look forward to a number of years of service with them!”

  • Richard Burrows – 8, April, 2014

    ” Very impressed by the service by the letting team. The electronic systems they use keep you informed without having to hassle them. My property manager is Cate Gleeson and she is always very efficient at dealing with issues. Compared to the other agents I’ve used in England and Australia I’m impressed.”